Day: March 23, 2018

Our Lady of Sorrows

Holy mass was celebrated for the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. Students prepared a special assembly depicting the 7 sorrows suffered by Our Lady.  Mr Mark Spice, Scout Leader of the Baden Powell Scouts, Mgarr, brought the flame of peace to our school. The flame of peace came all the way from Bethlehem and […]

Dinja Waħda…

Dinja Waħda projects are activities dearly loved by our students. Ms Rodgers, assistant head, works with students to raise environmental awareness and the importance of preserving nature and wild life.  

The Natural History Musuem

The K2.1 students of Ms Lucienne Vella visited the natural history museum in Mdina. Students learnt about various animals that lived on the Maltese islands along the years. A workshop followed during which students made collages of bats and birds.


It’s that time of the year again when students enjoy preparing traditional food. Students prepared figolli, a traditional sweet made of ground almonds. Submitted by Ms Nagaat Bugeja and Ms Camille Scerri, KGEs

Playing, cooking and fun galore at Zeffi’s

The K2.1 students enjoyed playing at Zeffi’s romparound. Later they prepared and cooked their own pizzas. 

The Malta National Aquarium…

The K2.1 students of Ms Lucienne Vella during an educational outing at the national aquarium. Students observed different species of fish, followed a craft session related to the fish observed.