Month: March 2018

Young chefs at work…

The K1.5 and K2.2 students joined forces for a cookery session. Students prepared rikotta pies make with dough and goats’ cheese filling. During this session the students learned about shapes and texture. They also enjoyed eating their pies. Submitted by Ms Marija Zammit and Ms Janice Vella, KGEs

Green Club at work…

Green Club members raking and watering  potato plants and broad beans previously sown by Kindergarten children.  Meantime some other kids were reaping the harvest from our bountiful fruit trees.  This came as a surprising reward to our hard-working Green Clubbers! Submitted by Ms Rodgers, Assistant Head

The Musical Band of the Armed Forces of Malta does it again…

The Band of the Armed Forces of Malta prepared a set of workshops for our students with them aim of instilling a love for classical music through various instruments that make up the orchestra.  The Kindergarten and Year 1 students had a story telling session based on a story written by Trevor Zahra and animated […]

Dinja Waħda… Creating Environmental Awareness…

Today we mixed some compost with our garden soil to sow flowering plant seeds namely, Stephanotis, Mirabilis (Hummej) and Farfugium Japonicum (Galletti) among others. The kids had great fun digging, watering and getting their hands dirty.  Following  these sessions, one can only hope that a little green seed has been sown in each child’s heart […]

Muffins and digital technology

K1.4 students of Ms Nagaat Bugeja prepared some muffins following a fairy tale. The students also made use of bee-bot and programmed this robot to help it find the correct destination related to the said fairy tales.

Football Read and Write Programme (FRWP)

The selected year 5 students during the 2nd session in the Football Reading and Writing Programme being held in liaison between Mgarr United Football Nursery, the National Literacy Agency and St Nicholas College, Mgarr Primary School.

Literacy and Mathematics

Students were presented with the story The Doorbell Rang. Each group was given 2 paper plates and a packet of biscuits/sweets. The story began with 2 children taking 6 biscuits each. First, the students had to find the total amount of biscuits Mum had baked. Quickly students came up with the answer by using multiplication or doubling. They […]

Football Read and Write Programme (FRWP)

A selected number of students from Year 5 have started participation in the FRWP programme. This programme is being provided by the national literacy agency and the Mgarr United football nursery for students who love football but who are reluctant readers. Students have guided reading sessions together with a football session. Above the students can […]


In order to understand the operation of multiplication as repeated addition children took part in various hands on activities.   Students are engaged and understand better when using manipulatives.  As the photos show, they enjoy learning this subject. Maths can be fun after all 🙂 Submitted by Ms Miranda Cauchi, Yr 3.1 Class Teacher