Month: April 2018

Sports Day for Kindergarten Students

A sports day for Kindergarten students was held at Ta’ Qali Basketball Pavilion. The sports day was organised by the Physical Education teachers, Ms Rebecca Bonello and Ms Chanel Micallef Cassar together with the Sports Promotion Unit. Parents were invited for the event.

Team Building through Physical Education for Members of Staff

The members of staff enjoying a Physical Education session with the purpose of learning how to deliver meaningful PE lessons, while building stronger relations. Team building events are necessary for staff members, especially due to the fact that staff keep growing yearly. Apart from evaluating the school’s progress, strengths and weaknesses, staff members had time […]

Odd and Even Patterns

Students participated in a number of activities during an Odd and Even patterns lesson. The students were given a set of cards and they had to match them according to whether the answer is odd, even or never a whole number. A discussion followed, with examples. Finally an activity using money was carried out. The […]

3D shapes…

These are some photos of an activity carried out with the Yr 6.1 students during a Maths lesson. The children were asked to create 3D shapes using blue tac and toothpicks. After doing so, the number of vertices, faces and edges of each 3D shape were discussed. Everyone enjoyed this activity, including the learning support […]

Making Memories

School is not just about academic teaching and learning. The Yr 6.1 can be see making memories at Luxol during break time following some physical activities. Everyone had loads of fun, inlcuding the teacher and learning support educator. Submitted by Mr Matthew Cassar, Yr 6.1 teacher

Childhood Stories

During the last 2 months Mr Matthew Cassar was carrying out story telling lessons with his students. Mr Cassar read to them one of his  favourite childhood books, Free Lance and the Lake of Skulls. Now that the story is finished, a follow up reading activity will be carried out for World Book Day on the […]

Cooking Pizza

Students in Year 5.1 cooked a pizza during the last day of the second term. Each student prepared his or her recipe. According to this recipe they brought to school the ingredients and step by step they prepared the pizza. After confirming that the steps in the recipe were in a correct order, they published […]

Outdoor Gardening

Following the installation of a water tank, large pots, an irrigation system and a shed, the students had their first go at outdoor gardening at school. Students were taught the basics required when sowing seeds and how to take care of them. A compost bin has also been installed to start preparing compost from organic […]

An athlete in the making…

The school would like to congratulate Jake Bonnici for placing 3rd in the 600m race held in Viterbo, Italy. Jake was one of the finalists who participated in Malta’s national athletics events held for Yr 4 students by the Sports Promotion Unit. The finalists had the opportunity to go abroad and participate in an international […]