Day: May 19, 2018

School Development Planning… Embracing Change

During this year’s school development plan, all members of staff debated the issue of teaching and learning in a set up where change is happening at such a fast rate.A SWOT analysis was done using a 21st century tool, mentimeter, where all members of staff submitted their feedback using their mobiles and results were displayed […]

Building a Fan using Lego WeDo

The Yr 4.1 students created their own LEGO fans which had to be programmed using Lego Wedo. This session was organised by the class teacher, Ms Angelique Attard with the support of the Digital Literacy Teacher.With the help of the Digital Literacy Support teacher Ms Laura Schembri, the children built a duck by using 6 […]

Doubling & Halving Scavenger Hunt

The Yr 4.1 class of Ms Angelique Attard had a maths lesson with a difference. The children were divided into groups and participated in a scavenger hunt held in the playground. The children really enjoyed themselves using their tablets to scan the provided QR codes which had been distributed around the space and writing down […]

A learning experience for Yr 2.1

The Yr 2.1 students of  Ms Stephanie Azzopardi have embarked on an eTwinning Protject. In the above photos the students shared their experience with their partners from Greece by showing them how they learn shapes with the help of techonology using a Beebot. In this joint partnership both partners are using Beebot in teaching and […]

Young chefs at work…

The K1.5 students of Ms Marija Zammit and K2.2 students of Ms Janice have joined forces for a cookery lesson. During this session students explored texture and colour, while enhancing their fine motor and social skills.

Bil-Qari u l-Kitba Niskorja…

Below are snapshots of a 10 week journey for students who had the opportunity to reading and writing through the game of football. The porgramme is coordinated by the National Literacy Agency in twinning with local Football nurseries, in this case, Mgarr United Football NurseryPractising reading skills with Walter Tull’s story and using some practical […]

Il-ktejjeb tas-sħarijiet

Wara li qraw l-istorja u l-istruzzjonijiet ta’ kif isir dan il-Ktieb tas-Sħarijiet mill-ktieb Senduq Buffuri, it-tfal għamlu ktieb waqt il-lezzjoni tal-craft. Xogħol ta’ Ms Angelique Attard, Yr 4.1

Infittxu t-Tifkiriet Fieldwork

The year 4s conducted fieldwork related to social studies. They went to Floriana and Valletta to find and record places, momunents and buildings related to Dun Mikiel Xerri,Dun Karm Psaila and San Ġorġ Preca. Submitted by Ms Angelique Attard, Yr 4.1

Id-Dragun Draganti – Ħrafa tradizzjonali Maltija

L-istudenti tar-raba’ sena ħadu sehem f’attivitajiet marbuta mal-ħrafa ‘Id-Dragun Draganti’ ta’ Trevor Żahra. Il-lezzjoni kienet tinkludi s-smiegħ tal-ħrafa u tal-kanzunetta, reċta bil-pupazzi mill-għalliema tal-Litteriżmu u fl-aħħar għalqu b’attività relatata mal-ħrafa. Xogħol ta’ Ms Angelique Attard, Yr 4.1

Special Assembly

During their special assembly the Year 4.1 of Ms Angelique, danced to the song Fight Song. The meaning of the song is that we should believe in ourselves and never give up. When we overcome problems in life we end up even stronger than before.