Show and Tell

The Year 3.1 students were given the opportunity to share some information with the class about something which they really like to do or someone/something they like/love.  Some students prepared a PowerPoint Presentation, others made posters and charts.  Many students talked and brought their pet to school whilst many others talked about their favourite toy/s.  Another student talked about sports cars as he likes to read and know everything there is about these cars.  Someone else talked to us about the activities and outings organised by the Mellieħa Scout Group.   I really enjoyed listening to each and everyone of you!  Well done!

Submitted by Ms Miranda Cauchi, Year 3.1

Interactive Learning

Year 2 Students participated in a Maltese interactive lesson. The students prepared a set of questions about a book that was read in class. With the help of a video conference the students asked questions to school mates in a different classroom.

Submitted by Ms Stephanie Azzopardi, Yr 2.1

Social Studies Fieldwork – Għadira Nature Reserve

Across the curricula we integrate key sustainable issues in teaching and learning.  Indeed, as part of the Social Studies syllabus students are given the opportunity to visit a nature reserve and carry out the given fieldwork. On the 28th of May, the Year 3 students visited the Għadira Nature Reserve.  There, they had the opportunity to see the different trees that grow in Malta and observe and learn more information about the flora and fauna of the Maltese islands.  Furthermore, the pupils also discussed how they can help protect the environment.  This fieldwork helped students to understand better what they had learned in class.

Submitted by Ms Miranda Cauchi, Year 3.1

Water Play…

The K2.1 and K2.3 classes enjoyed a morning of water play in preparation for the summer season.

Ms Felicia and Ms Lucienne prepared a number of activities for students using water. The students enjoyed this free play session to end their scholastic year.

Fruit Snack

The year 3.2 students were busy in the kitchen making healthy fruit snacks.

They enjoyed making a fruit salad, fruit kebabs, grapes and berries caterpillar and even an apple crab.  They all looked great and tasted delicious 😊

Submitted by Ms Sharon Calleja, Yr 3.2 Teacher

Show and Tell

The photos show the year 3.2 students taking part in show and tell. Some students brought their favourite toys to school to talk to us about them, some prepared a Power Point presentation about their hobby, pet or toy, others made posters, brought photos or drew pictures, someone brought coins from different countries whilst someone else demonstrated special moves done in gymnastics. Well done to all the students! I enjoyed listening to all of you ☺

Submitted by Ms Sharon Calleja, Yr 3.2 Teacher

Full Speed Ahead before Closing the Scholastic Year…

Although the scholastic year is coming to an end, the Year 2 students of Ms Stephanie Azzopardi are still working full speed ahead to get the best of their journey. Above students can be see working together learning pronouns during Maltese, and building words using plastic alphabet letters.
During one of the school outings the students watched a play about believing in oneself. Following the play, the students made some craft related to the activity.Following a Social Studies lessons about typical Maltese food, the students prepared a Maltese Ftira with ‘kunserva’ (a tomato paste) and olives.

Above the students are working together by creating addition sums using number beads. They also explored what happens to numbers when using 10 more and 10 less or 1 more and 1 less.