European School Sports Day


As in the past two years, State, Church and Independent Schools in Malta will be joining other EU schools in the European School Sport Day (ESSD), an initiative aimed at promoting Physical Activity  in schools.   On the 28th September, students were encouraged to take part in 120 minutes of physical activity throughout the day. 

Ball relay setting off the adrenaline! The students joined children across Europe to celebrate the European Sports Day.

Letting off some steam in a relay challenge! A number of activities were prepared by Ms Rebecca Bonello, the physical education teacher, to give our students a good workout.

Enhancing dribbling skills! Students moved from one station to another including handball shooting, hoop team building relay, tail tag, obstacle course, football penalty shooting and basketball dribbling.

More fun games!

Best foot forward for year 6.2 penalty shoot-out!

The keeper in action!

Having a shot at the penalty shoot out!

Submitted by Ms Sharon D’Amico, Yr 6.2 Teacher