Month: October 2018

Traditional Almond Biscuits

The year 1.2 children baked some traditional almond biscuits. They were then neatly packed and given out to the Czech teachers who visited our school. Submitted by Ms Louise Cutajar, Class Teacher

Exchange of Good Practice with Czech Republic Teachers

The school hosted 16 teachers and their headmasters who came to Malta to learn about teaching in the Maltese Educational system. Following an introduction by the head of school, Mrs Ferrante, the teachers visited a number of classrooms from Kinder 1 to Year 6. The Czech Republic teachers enjoyed watching the lessons and were received […]

Plant in a Mug…

Children enjoyed themselves planting their own plants in an old mug they got from home. Students placed some soil in the mug and planted a plant which comes from the cactus family.  They further discussed these type of plants and where they come from, what they need to grow and which other plants form part […]

Dedicated to the recital of the Rosary

18th October is a world-wide celebration dedicated to the rosary. Schools from all over the world say the rosary on that day. Our school participated in this initiative. Ms Rodgers, Assistant Head, told the students the story of the rosary during assembly.  Then students recited one section of the rosary. Ms Sharon D’Amico, Yr 6.2, […]

Science Investigation: Will it float or sink?

To begin the lesson the teacher asked:  What is science?  What do scientists do?  A discussion ensued and then a video was shown to the pupils. To learn more about the scientific process they took part in an investigation.  The teacher showed the students two eggs and posed the following questions:  Will the eggs float or sink?  Why do […]

Numbers up to 100

The Year 3.2 students have been learning about numbers .  Students were engaged in various hands-on activities so that they were  able to read, write and order numbers up to 100 in figures and words.  They also sang along to a video song and played various online games. Activity 1:  Ordering Numbers – In pairs, students had to choose the […]

Place Value

The Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) approach of teaching in Math is being used in class so that students develop a deep and sustainable understanding of this subject. Students participated in several hands -on activities using diverse manipulatives, such as interlocking cubes.  They also used 10c and 1c coins as well as straws from their Maths Toolbox to […]

Tens and Units

Students learn better when they have the opportunity to manipulate real life objects to help them understand mathematical concepts better.   That is why the year 3.1 students take part in such activities on a daily basis during their Mathematics lessons. In the photos, the students can be seen using resources from their Maths Toolbox to […]

Using Kahoot and Tablets… Fun Quiz Galore!!!!

Students used their tablet to  play a quiz on Kahoot. This was done during a Social Studies lesson where children had questions about weather conditions. Students enjoyed it very much 🙂 Submitted by Ms Matthea, Yr 4.1 class teacher

Does it float or sink???

The year 3.1 students were learning about scientists and what they do.  They learned about the Scientific process and took part in an investigation.  We posed a question and designed an experiment to find out the answer.  The question posed was: How can we tell if an egg we need to cook is fresh or […]