Month: October 2018

Science Investigations

Whilst learning about the five senses, the year 3.1 students took part in different investigations.  The students paid attention to different sounds and observed pictures to talk about them, thus using their sense of hearing as well as that of sight. They used their sense of touch to determine what different objects, placed one at a […]

Hospice Awareness Day and Supporting Less Fortunate People

Today we kicked off the day thinking of all the people who are suffering from terminal illness and of the relatives who suffer so much in silence. A dress down day was organised to raise funds for Hospice Malta and also to support the less fortunate in the Philippines. Sr Ceilia Agius Vadala and Sr […]

Creating Awareness about Waste Reduction

The Green Club, run by Ms Rodgers, Assistant head, are all hands on deck preparing to launch another campaign at school to promote waste reduction and separation of waste. Students paint used boxes which are given to every class to throw away paper in, thus encouraging waste separation and recycling.

Flat shapes…

Today’s Math lesson was about flat shapes and their properties. First students had a presentation where they had to try and guess the name of the hidden flat shape. Then students had time to discuss the properties of the various shapes. Finally they had the opportunity to engage in hands-on experience using geoboards to construct and investigate […]

Kindergarten Student’s first week

Memories of the first week at Kindergarten. Students enjoy craft sessions, role play and dressing up. Students explore ways of connecting pipes and creating their own patterns, while working together. Having fun through free play in the school yard. Submitted by Ms Nag Bugeja, K1.3

Learning Number Names

Students learning about writing numbers in words.  After watching a video and singing along to the numbers song, students played a game with the bee bot to match numbers in figures with those in words. Finally, the students played an online game to consolidate number names. Submitted by Ms Sharon Calleja, Yr 3.1