Month: November 2018

Maths Investigation

Adding,  multiplying, rounding…using real-life leaflets found at supermarket. Yep, we figured them out, using our own strategies, including trial and error 😊 Most importantly,  we discussed and worked together! Submitted by Ms Sharon D’Amico, Yr 6.2

L-Istrina 2018

The school hosted Mr Preca, husband of her Excellency, the President of Malta, Ms Coleiro Preca. Mr Preca visited the school to officially launch the Piggy Bank Campaign and L-Istrina 2018. The school would like to thanks the parents for their generous donations which amounted to €615. Above are students working on an painting which […]

Postman.. Postman…

During this activity the Kindergarten children painted a big cardboard box in red which was transformed into a letter box. On the next day they drew a picture which was placed inside a self addressed envelope. That same evening the letters were posted by the KGE in a real letter box! The children were very […]

Learning about a healthy life from an early age

Ms Marie Therese Borg Mifsud visited the Kinder 1 classrooms to emphasize the need of healthy eating through a story.  The children enjoyed this exercise and participated to the full in choosing the right foods.

Prayer Spaces

Prayers spaces organised for our students by Ms Borg Vella, assistant head. 

Turtle release at Ġnejna Bay

The year 4 students had the experience of a life time watching the release of turtles which were being taken care of by Nature Trust during rehabilitation. An anti-plastic campaign followed the turtle release. Students were engaged in fieldwork including filtering sand to find plastic particles. The school would like to thank the Mayor, Mr […]

Fieldwork at Mġarr

For their Social Studies Fieldwork both Year 4 classes went around Mġarr and observed different areas while answering questions on their fieldwork booklet. Both students and teachers enjoyed it to the full 😊 Submitted by Ms Mathea Vassallo, Yr 4.1 Teacher


Students have learnt about halves, quarters, thirds and eights. After sharing the learning outcomes and the success criteria, students had a presentation where they had to identify which shapes are divided into equal parts, and the fraction of each part being shaded. During group work the students had to divide their shapes into equal parts and […]

Our Favourite Things…

Students were given the opportunity to share some information with the class about something they like or love and to share information about their favourite book. Some students prepared a presentation while others made posters and charts. I really enjoyed listening to each and every one of you! Well done! Submitted by Ms Mathea Vassallo, Yr […]

Thinking of Others…

Celebrating the feast of St Martin is a long standing tradition at our school. The aim of celebrating this feast is to instill a sense of giving and receiving. Kindergarten students prepared hearts which were painted prior to this event. The hearts were stuck on a rainbow template representing the beauty of helping others. Dun […]