Month: November 2018

Special Assembly promoting Self-Esteem

The Year 6.2 students of Ms Sharon D’Amico, prepared a special assembly about self-esteem. Students build their self-esteem by believing in themselves and by helping out one another.

Parent Helpers Supporting the School

Heartfelt thanks to the parent helpers who came to school to prepare the Goodies Bag for St Martin’s Feast Celebration.  Your support is priceless 🙂

Visit from Doctor!!!

Kinder 2 students were very excited to meet a real doctor.  Dr Scerri Harney visited our students in their class and helped them to understand the doctor’s work through play.  She had great help and many assistants!!!!! 

Special Assembly – Friendship

As the first special assembly for this scholastic year kicks in, Year 6.1 student talked about friendship and that no matter what race, nationality or religion is followed we are all friends. Special thanks to Mr Matthew Cassar, class teacher for preparing his students.

Dinja Waħda – Gold Award 2018

The school has achieved another Gold Award in Dinja Waħda projects. Through participation in Dinja Waħda the school aims to educate children to nurture a love for their environment and to learn to respect wild life. Well done to all teachers, kindergarten educators, learning support assistants and students for participating. Special thanks to Ms Rodgers, […]

Making Maths Matter…

Learnign Maths can be fun. Students explored different ways of making pairs of 5. Then they proceeded to counting in fives. During one of the lessons students explored the difference between tall / short, and long short. Using visual aids and specifically designed cards, the students worked together to learn about spatial awareness. Sorting numbers […]

Nouns… people, places, animals, things…

Students  learned about nouns during a Maltese and English lesson. Nouns were used to label pictures. Nouns had to be found in sentences. Students created their own nouns using lego blocks. Nouns were also sorted in categories. During another Maltese lesson, students worked in pairs to distinguish between ‘h’ and ‘ħ’. Again various activities, promoting […]