Month: December 2018


The year 3.1 students were learning about different subtraction strategies during different Mathematics lessons.  They subtracted numbers by counting back as well as by counting on.  The topic was introduced with concrete situations involving hands-on activities.  The students later moved on to pictorial representations of taking away and finally, they practiced the abstract part of […]

The Fox and the Crow – Literature and Listening Activity

Year 3.1 students are seen participating in an activity in groups.  This was done as part of their Listening and Speaking lesson which was integrated with Literature. The students were given a set of pictures depicting the story The Fox and the Crow.  They were asked to observe and discuss what the pictures depicted.  Then, […]

Mġarr Fieldwork

As part of their Social Studies learning programme as well as Continuous Assessment, the year 3.1 students took part in a fieldwork inside our school, around the school as well as in places of interest in Mġarr. The students enjoyed listening to sounds around them, noting different types of buildings, fields and rubble walls, comparing […]

Vocabulary Coding Activity with Beebot

During one of our vocabulary lessons, the year 3.1 students listened to clues in order to determine which sport the clue was referring to. Then, they programmed the Beebot to move it onto the correct sport picture card. Submitted by Ms Sharon Calleja, Class Teacher