Year: 2018


Nitgħallmu dwar ix-xogħolijiet permezz ta’ logħob sabiex nibnu kelma, bl-użu tal-ittri tal-plastik, leħħiet u ġiżirana bl-ittri. Ms Stephanie Azzopardi, Yr 2.2

Enjoying Outings…

Students enjoying outings at the Esplora Science Centre and the Malta National Aquarium! Submitted by Ms Stephanie Azzopardi, Yr 2.2 Teacher

Enhancing Thinking Skills Through Maths

The Maths lesson was about adding and subtracting decimals. The students were split into 4 groups and they had to work in stations.  After 15 minutes each group changed station. Station 1: The students were given a set of cards to create numbers with. They were then to add or subtract the numbers (according to […]

Literacy Activity involving listening to instructions to make a toast and hot chocolate…

The students were also involved in watching a short video clip about the origin of chocolate and answering questions about it thus enhancing their listening and comprehension skills. Finally they proceeded to write instructions for making hot chocolate (in English) and toast (in Maltese) using the correct step-by-step way of doing so. While working on […]

Valletta Fieldwork

An insightful Fieldwork in Valletta, where we saw at firsthand the heritage left to us by the knights. The Christmas decorations were a bonus! Submitted by Ms Sharon D’Amico, Yr 6.2 Class Teacher

Manikata Trail for Kindergarten

The Kindergarten students of Ms Nag Bugeja and Ms Camille Scerri visited the Manikta Trail were they had fun learning through landscapes and in touch with nature. They also fed the animals! Below is a short video clip of the visit at Manikata Trail.

TIP – Teach, Inspire, Protect… An Erasmus+ Journey Begins…

The first transnational meeting of a new partnership in the project Teach, Inspire, Protect (TIP) kicked off with a tree planting event at Salina Nature Reserve. This is a 3 year partnership between Birdlife Malta, the Ministry of Education and Employment (MEDE), Learning Through Landscapes UK, Birdlife Spain, Innovative and Creative (INAK) Slovakia and our […]

Thinking of Students who are sick in Hopsital

Students have been donating colours and crayons which will be presented to hospitalised children at Mater Dei hospital. This is an initiative from Ms Pauline Miceli, Commissioner for Children and Ms M.Claire Catanzaro, Senior Paediatric Practice Development, Mater Dei Hospital. Thank you for your generosity 🙂

Green Club at Work…

Green Club members planted medlars (naspli) in the school garden from seeds of the trees found at school. We hope to embellish the school garden with more trees, while learning about the importance of trees in providing the earth with fresh air.

Raising Awareness about the effects of Plastic

Ms Rodgers, assistant head in charge of Green Club, held a special session with the Green Club members to raise awareness about the effect that plastic is having on the world and on the oceans.