Year: 2018

Science Experiment: Magnetic or Non-Magnetic

Last week the year 3.2 students were learning about magnetic and non magnetic materials during the Science lesson with their class teacher Ms Sharon Calleja.  The children watched a video about magnetism and later they discussed the topic of magnetism with their teacher. They also carried out an experiment to determine whether certain materials are […]

Number Bonds

Whilst revising number bonds, the year 3.2 students participated in hands on group activities. First, they practiced the number bonds with bottle caps. For instance, for the number bonds of 5, they could use the caps to represent 0 and 5, 1 and 4, 3 and 2, 5 and 0, 4 and 1 as well as […]

Cooking and creating collages with Pasta…

The Kindergarten 1 classes joined forces to cook a delicious and healthy meal based on pasta. Tuna fish, sweet corn and olives where added together with olive oil and cheese. The students also enjoyed making their own collages with pasta while having a good time working together as a team. Submitted by Ms Nagaat Bugeja, […]

A holistic approach to learning

Offering students a holistic approach is important. Such teaching and learning provides students with an opportunity to learn literacy and numeracy integrated with subjects such as art, craft and music. Submitted by Ms Joanne Galea, K1.3

Professional Development for members of Staff

Professional Development training was held for members of staff. Training consisted of First Aid, eTwinning projects and different approaches to writing.

Making a sandwich

The year 3.2 students were learning about instructions. They learned that instructions tell us how to do things. They are usually numbered and written in short, simple sentences so they are easy to understand. The students learned about sequencer words such as first, next and then. They also learned about bossy verbs like spread, put, […]