Outdoor Play – K1.5

Discovering nature, collecting loose parts (twigs, soil, stones in plastic wheelbarrows)

Digital Literacy Meeting with Parents – Year 4.1

Parents of students from Year 4.1 were invited to join during a lesson given by Ms Lewis, where students participated in various activities using their tablets. The students made use of the new app Simple Minds creating a web of different nouns. They also took part in an exciting quiz using another app Kahoot. The […]

Painting pebbles to form a shark

Children were given different sized pebbles and they were also presented with blue, black and white paint.  They painted the pebbles in a tuff tray and eventually formed a shark shape (as shown in attached photo). The students were really keen to do such an activity, and they were meticulously holding the pebbles from the […]


Year 1.5 are working on the sharks topic using the emergent curriculum with children.