Teachers from Poland Visit Our School to Observe English Lessons

Six teachers from Poland visited our school to learn more about how the teaching of English is promoted. After a welcome drink and an introduction about our school, the teachers visited Ms Stephanie Azzopardi’s classroom.

The teachers enjoyed the lesson and also joined in the fun during the closure of the lesson with a very catchy action song. Well done to the students for being great ambassadors. Special thanks to Ms Stephanie Azzopardi for hosting our guests 🙂

Raising Awareness about Harm caused by Plastic…

The Yr 3.2 students of Ms Miranda Cauchi, prepared a special assembly raising awareness about the harmful effects of plastic which is slowly killing the planet, the oceans and the forests. Unfortunately plastic is not degradable and by time forms very small pellets which are eaten by fish. Let us work together to use less plastic. Do not use single use plastic. Reduce, reuse and recycle!

Olympic Quiz

Three Year 6 students from Ms Sharon D’Amico’s class participated in a first time edition Olympic Quiz held for year 6 students. The students had to study content about the Olympic Games from a book during the Christmas holidays. The quiz will be aired on TV.

Although the students did not make it to the final, they still made us proud. They were also awarded a T-shirt each as recognition for their effort and participation. Well done for your commitment 🙂

Writing Instructions

The year 3.1 students have been learning about instructions. They have read a set of instructions explaining the procedure for gathering their things and writing their homework down to get ready to go home before the school day ends. They have listened to instructions and followed them as part of their Listening lessons. They have given instructions to guide each other to make a fruit salad as part of their Speaking lesson. The students participated in several activities that helped them write a set of instructions to make a jam sandwich. They also made a ham and cheese sandwich to put what they learned into practice and really enjoyed eating their sandwiches too 😊

Submitted by Ms Sharon Calleja, Class Teacher