Month: January 2019

Pre-writing using Sand and Pasta

Kindergarten students preparing for writing using pasta and sand. At this stage learning letter formation is very important and students need to use different media to experiment with pre-writing. Submitted by Ms Janice Vella, KGE K2.1

Lego starters, tablets and lots of fun…

Photos taken today during an activity held by the digital literacy support teacher, Ms Laura Schembri, to promote creativity using Lego. The students used simple mind to plan their story. Then they did the actual building. To be continued…End product will be a comic script 🙂

Equestrian Sessions for Our Students

The Year 5 students started a series of equestrian sessions at the Sunflower Park. Students had some time to get to know the lovely ponies and horses residing at this park. They also had great fun riding the ponies and horses. This was a great experience for the students. In fact one student told his […]

Counting in 10s and subtracting 10

The year 3.1 students had a blast counting in tens and learning how to subtract 10 from a 2-digit number. They learned how to do these by means of a story, hands-on activities involving manipulatives like interlocking cubes, games and it was even integrated with physical education. Submitted by Ms Sharon Calleja, Class Teacher