Month: February 2019

eTwinning Activity at Ta’ Ħaġrat Temples

The Year 6.2 students are participating in an eTwinning project with students from San Lawrenz, Gozo. An activity was carried out with Ms Laura Schembri, the digital literacy support teacher this morning, at Ta Ħaġrat Temples. The students used their tablets and QR codes to find clues and information about these temples. It was great […]

Plantings seed for trees to be planted in Wied Ħażrun

Ms Rodgers, assistant head and Ms Joanne Galea, assisting students in the planting of seeds which are to be planted in one of the local valleys. Recycled milk cartons are being used, instead of plastic pots for the growing of this seeds.

Green Club Members taking care of the school garden

The Green Club students caring for the school garden. Ms Rodgers, assistant head, is teaching students skills on how to prune tree. Unwanted debris is placed in compost bins, while other twigs and stones are being gathered to be used for outdoor learning experiences .

eTwinning through science

Yr  2.2 students of Ms Stephanie Azzopardi having a go at gardening in preparation for an eTwinning project with partners from Europe. The students planted seed and will be observing their growth in the coming weeks. They will also have to  make sure to water the plants and take care of them.

Addition in a practical manner

Children working out different addition sums using concrete objects such as bottle caps and dominoes. Submitted by Ms Louise Cutajar, Yr1.2 Class Teacher

Erasmus+ Project… Teach, Inspire, Protect

Meeting held to discuss the Erasmus+ project aiming to use the environment as the third educator based on the emergent curriculum while striking a balance between child led and teacher led learning.

Police Dog Section

The K2.3 sudents of Ms Lucienne Vella visited the Police Dog Section. Students observed how dogs are trained while learning about the skills required to train these dogs.

“Din” u “Dan” barra mill-klassi

Illum tkellmina dwar il-Pronomi Dimostrattivi: Dan u Din. Tkellimna dwar meta u kif jintuaw. Bħala parti mill-lezzjoni it-tfal tal-klassi ħarġu fil-bitħa jfittxu nomi li magħhom iżidu dan jew din. Xogħol ta’ Ms Marilyn Bugeja, Yr 1.1

Number Recognition and Number Value

Children were given different opportunities to learn about number recognition and number value. They used play dough to create the numbers with and blocks to visualise the number value.  They used bottle caps to make up stories of a given number. They were often asked to solve problems, such as to create a 4-sided shape […]

Revising Letters & Writing Words

After learning a number of English letter names and sounds, children were told that we will be using different means of writing. After going outside in the yard, they were given a piece of chalk each and asked to write different letters which they learnt. Later on, they were asked to write words using the […]