Day: February 9, 2019

Fort St Angelo

The Year 4 classes visited fort Saint Angelo. Students watched a play about reading which was prepared by popular Maltese actors. After  lunch, students had time to walk along Fort St Angelo while stopping at some points to listen to the guided tour. Students had such a good time admiring the views of the Grand […]

Snowmen in the making…

Education is not just learning the core subjects. Students learn from different experiences. Craft activity whereby Year 6.2 made some adorable snowmen using socks, bits of ribbon and buttons! Aren’t they cute?! Submitted by Ms Sharon D’Amico, Class Teacher

Special Assembly – Pets

The Year 2 students prepared a special assembly about pets under the direction of Ms Stephanie Azzopardi. An important message was sent to students about how to take care of pets and that pets are not just a Christmas present to be forgotten after a few weeks or months. Pets deserve a lot of love […]

Green Club at work

Green Club students helping at school to create awareness about the importance of recycling. Others had a go a growing avocado plants.