Month: February 2019

Snowmen in the making…

Education is not just learning the core subjects. Students learn from different experiences. Craft activity whereby Year 6.2 made some adorable snowmen using socks, bits of ribbon and buttons! Aren’t they cute?! Submitted by Ms Sharon D’Amico, Class Teacher

Special Assembly – Pets

The Year 2 students prepared a special assembly about pets under the direction of Ms Stephanie Azzopardi. An important message was sent to students about how to take care of pets and that pets are not just a Christmas present to be forgotten after a few weeks or months. Pets deserve a lot of love […]

Green Club at work

Green Club students helping at school to create awareness about the importance of recycling. Others had a go a growing avocado plants.

Flat shapes

It was so much fun for the year 3.1 students to learn about flat shapes and their properties. After singing along to the 2-d shapes song, the students participated in a discussion about finding 2-d shapes in real-life objects found in their everyday lives. The students made flat shapes with play dough and formed shapes […]

Perimeter and Area Activity

Spaghetti and Meatballs for all- a mathematical story about optimizing area and perimeter… The story is about The Comforts inviting 32 people for lunch. We see Mrs Comfort hiring 8 square tables to seat 4 at each table.  However, as the guests begin to arrive and they start putting the tables together so that they […]

Adding Three Numbers using Tens Frame and Caps

The children used caps in 3 different colours to work out additions with 3 numbers. They had to create sums with the first two numbers adding up to 10 and topping up with the next colour. Afterwards they created their own sums with caps and formulated the sum on their mini whiteboards. Submitted by Ms […]

The Final Equestrian Session for Yr 5 at Sunflower Park

Closing a chapter in style. The Yr 5 students enjoyed chariot rides at Sunflower Park during their third and last equestrian session. During these session students learned how to take care of horses and ponies, how to feed them, keep them healthy and how to keep their stables clean.

Maths Trail at San Anton Gardens

The year 4 classes went for a Maths trail at San Anton garden. Students had fun doing Maths concepts outside the classroom. Students were encouraged and motivated to investigate problem-solving situations. They also had the opportunity to discover Maths application in the real world. Due to the fact that students were very well behaved they […]