Day: April 11, 2019

Literacy Day… More characters come to life…

Children were asked to write a character profile. Then they had to answer the questions about the book including the title, author, setting, problem and the solution. Submitted Yr 2.2 Stephanie Azzopardi, Class Teacher

Football Read Write Programme – session 6

Skimming, scanning, 👀discussing, 🗣playing and…having fun with the Mgarr team in fixture 6! Here are a few highlights. 😃👍📸⚽️📚

Visiting a Local Farm at Mġarr

The Year students visited a farm and prepared a set of questions which were used to interview the farmer. The students has  very positive experience while learning about the hardships and dedication needed to run a farm. Submitted by Ms Stephanie Azzopardi, Class Teacher.

Transforming stories into artwork

Students created a visual representation of a character, scene or setting from what they have heard read aloud by the teacher from a chosen text (in Maltese). Students were given black paper and chalk and were asked to draw the image they had in their heads whilst they were listening to the reading. After the […]

Tablets and Stories

On Literacy Day the children read a book on the app Literacy Pro about Endangered Animals. Then they did an exercise on SimpleMind about the animals they read about and what is endangering them. A quiz on Quizziz about endangered animals followed. To complement these activities a Special Assembly is being organised by this class […]

Using tablets to enhance literacy

Following an introduction to the story Pinu jżomm ruħu nadif, students participated in a number of activities which enhance Literacy. Use of tablets featured in these activities as follows: Digital games related with the story Students will make a comicstrip and share it via classcloud using Picsay app. Quiz related with the story (about 15 […]

Literacy Day – rewriting a story

During reading sessions students drew their favourite scene and character.  Later the teacher animated the story “Stone Soup”.  Students were given a template of a plan with pictures.  Students wrote the characters, where the story happened etc.  Then, they were given another plan, this time with the question words or phrases only so that they […]

Literacy and World Book Day

Some photos from our class literacy day activity where they had to talk about their favourite character from a book they read. After learning the topic of weight the children went to the kitchen to do an activity. They had to estimate, calculate and find how many eggs are equal to blocks and marbles. They […]

Literacy Day – Story Characters come to life

Students dressed up of a particular book character. Through “Show and Tell” they presented their books to the classmates. Submitted by Ms Louise Cutajar, Yr 1.2

Literacy Day – My favourite character

Children dressed up as their favourite book character. They got their favourite book and read a part of the story or recited the story in short as a part of the weekly Show and Tell. After they drew their favourite character and wrote a sentence about their favourite book. Sumbitted by Ms Marilyn Bugeja, Yr 1.1