Day: April 16, 2019

Science Fieldwork at Selmun

Year 4 and year 5 students went to Ta’ Selmun to do a science fieldwork. They saw Ta’ Selmun tower and then they had plenty of time to complete their fieldwork on their tablets. After they ran around the race track. Finally they sat down under the shade of the trees to eat their lunch. […]

Goldilocks and the Three Bear during Literacy Week

Various activities were held during literacy week based on the story of Goldilocks and the Three  Bears. Story using puppets invovled colouring Papa, Mama, Baby bears and Goldilocks for characters headbands craft with a rhyme. Students then role-played the story using the main characters with headbands craft. Students also played Goldilocks and the Three Bears […]

Preparations for Puppet Show

The Year 6.2 students are preparing a puppet show as part of their literacy week. Students can be seen working on the script and props. The puppet show will be presented to the kindergarten students shortly.

Literacy Day… Stone Soup

The teacher animated the story Stone Soup .  Students also enjoyed animating parts of the story.  Then, the class discussed the story elements.  Afterwards, students were given a template of a plan with pictures and they wrote the characters, the setting of the story etc…Another plan was given,  this time they had the question words or phrases only […]