Nature Reserve

As part of the Social Studies and Dinja Waħda activities, the year 3.1 students visited the Għadira Nature Reserve.  There they learned many interesting facts about food chains, plants, birds and other creatures.  The students also went for a walk around the reserve and they could see the trees, plants and some of the creatures they learned about during the previous activities.  They also went bird watching and spotted a chameleon and its baby 🙂

Submitted by Ms Sharon Calleja, Yr 3.1

Teach Inspire Protect… Erasmus+ Multiplier Event

23rd May marked a very important day for our school during which Erasmus+ TIP (Teach Inspire Protect Project) was shared with early childhood educators and the local community. The participation of both educators and parents was very encouraging.

This multiplier event aimed to inform educators of how the emergent curriculum is being implemented at our school focusing on the importance of the use of outdoor spaces, risk taking, getting dirty and learning through play and with the use of loose parts.

During the morning session the Director for Curriculum, Mr Geatano Bugeja and the Head of College Network, Ms Josephine Mifsud joined us for the various workshops. Ms Tania Mangio, EO for early years kicked off the programme with a very interesting presentation about the benefits of the emergent curriculum and the importance of play and risk taking.

Ms Stefania Papadopol, Education Officer from Birdlife Malta, gave the audience a taster of the importance of keeping in contact with nature and organised workshops outside in the school garden to help all those present appreciate the benefits of nature, while helping to nurture a greater love and respect for the environment.

Presentations by the Head of School, Ms Antonella Ferrante and Ms Nagaat Bugeja, followed sharing good practice being implemented at St Nicholas College, Mgarr Primary School in line with the emergent curriculum, use of outdoor spaces, mud play and much more.

In the evening similar talks and workshops were held for parents. The Mayor of the Local Council, Mr Paul Vella, attended this session. Children were kept entertained by the Candy Rush Groups under the surveillance of Ms Sharon Scicluna, LSE.

An exhibition was prepared by Ms Rodgers and Ms Joanne Galea making use of photos taken by educators during various activities that been taking place at school since the beginning of this scholastic year using outdoor space.