Day: May 3, 2019

Marathon Walk 2019

This yearly appointment is an event I looked forward to! Seeing all students and members of staff doing their utmost to keep up with a 15km walk is no joke 🙂 However enjoying breath taking views makes this walk worthwhile! Making memories for students at one of the “windows” found on the Maltese Islands adds to […]

Resources for our Students

More resources to be given to our students purchased from funds raised during the marathon walk. Huge thank you for your kind donations… And the total is… €1400 🙂

Football Read/Write Programme

Learning more about newspapers with the Mgarr team. We then moved out outwards for a game of “Lions & Tigers” and a football match. 📰😁⚽️👍 Well done Jean Paul for reading book provided on out way to Dingli for the marathon walk 🙂

More from Literacy Week

The children of 6.2 had to record themselves reading a story or poem, in English or Maltese. Then, they shared their tablets with their classmates who could hear the story being read using their headphones. It was great fun learning to read for an audience! Submitted by Ms Sharon D’Amico