Month: May 2019

Model Making

Following a visit at Ta’ Ħaġrat Temples in Mġarr, the Year 1 students were asked to make models of this temple using stones and twigs gathered from the school garden and interlocking cubes. The students’ observational skills were amazing to the extent that one group made a model of the temple and church and placed […]

Promoting a healthy life style from an early age

These kindergarten students have been having weekly physical education sessions organised by the Sports department. These lessons are held by qualified PE teachers. Submitted by Ms Nagaat Bugeja, K1.3

School Development Planning

Educators had a very intensive day of workshops and discussions to prepare action plans for the coming scholastic year. Through reflection upon current practices, healthy debate, clarification of issues, discussion of challenges being currently faced by the school and the support and input of all the Mgarr staff, together with the input of HoD Maths, […]

Healthy Pizza Wrap

This week the children prepared a healthy snack using wraps. Students got a variety of ingredients. They discussed the importance of avoiding the consumption of processed food on a daily basis and discussed alternative ways for making a pizza topping healthier. Children were asked to follow the instructions carefully. After preparing the ingredients, they placed […]

Banana Oats Cookies for Mother’s Day

The classes of Ms Janice Vella and Ms Felicia Borg joined forces to prepare some healthy and delicious cookies for Mother’s Day.  

The Happy Prince at San Anton Gardens

This week Year 1.1 children visited San Anton Gardens. The children participated in a very meaningful play based on the story ‘The Happy Prince’ written by Oscar Wilde. After this, the children had the opportunity to visit the garden where they learnt a lot about nature. They had lunch next to the turtle pond and […]

Doubling and Halving

The Year 3.2 students used the Cuisenaire rods to recognise that halving is the inverse of doubling. Submitted by Ms Miranda Cauchi, Class Teacher


The Year 3.2 students enjoyed learning about fractions as they participated in various hands-on activities. Students were given some cookie cutters and play dough and they had to find a way to half them. Afterwards, they were given paper shapes and they had to fold each shape into two equal parts and name one half […]

Rainbow, Patterns and Numeracy Skills

K1.1 and K1.3 joined forces to learn about the rainbow. They enjoyed making a collage of a rainbow following a pattern. This activity enhanced sensory skills since various textures were used, together with numeracy skills. Submitted by Ms Nagaat Bugeja  

Back in time

The Year 2 students of Ms Stephanie Azzopardi visited Ta’ Ħaġrat temples for a hands-on learning experience. Apart from observing the stones and how the temple is built and geographical located, students debated on how the roof could have been built. Submitted by Ms Stephanie Azzopardi, Yr 2.2