Poem Recital Activity Year 4.1

Each student of Year 4.1 recited a short poem of their own choice in front of the other students. This was a great incentive for children to appreciate different poems and act them out. It was an interesting experience for all the children and they all did so well. Big well done!

Meeting Dogs – K2.3

Kids in K2.3 had the opportunity to meet different breeds of dogs. Dog owners explained appearance and behaviour of dogs. Children had the occasion to pet the dogs, feel the dog`s bones, giving them treats and observe closer the paws and claws of a dog. They also could see tricks like stay and hand (dog gives paw to a child`s hand); take them for a walk and hold them.

We also had activities in class about dogs. Can you find the same colour of bones? Can you draw dogs?

Crack the Code! Escape Room! Year 4.1. Ms Lewis.

The students of Year 4.1 were locked in the room by a pirate who stole a treasure chest. Our Coding Heroes managed to solve literacy and numeracy tasks to discover the scrambled code and the place where the treasure was hidden. They escaped the room, found the treasure and cracked the code! Well done girls and boys!!!!!!!

Creative Writing through STEAM – eTwinning – Our Solar System! Our Home

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths are being used by the Year 4.2 class to create comic strips on our Solar System for the eTwinning project with Greece, Iceland and Turkey. Ms Anabelle, Literacy Support Teacher helped our students to use illustrations and words to communicate ideas. Creative writing is fun.

Well done to the SLT at Mgarr Primary, Year 4 teacher Mr Joseph Zammit, Ms Ruth Debono & Ms Jahel Cutajar LSEs, Science HOD Mr Chris Buttigieg, Digital Literacy HOD Ms Laura Schembri, LST Ms Anabelle Warrington with the help and support of Ms Rose Anne Camilleri, eTwinning Coordinator

Teaching and Learning is fun – Year 2.1

During the month of January, the Year 2.1 used the Cuisenaire Rods to better understand Maths. It is one of the Action Plans of Mgarr Primary School. Bee Bots are a fun way to learn and we used them to do our addition. Literacy is more fun if it is based on the learners’ interests. Well done to Ms Stephanie.

Year 4.1 – The Bar Model

The Bar Model is a tool to help children reason about the relationship between numbers in the context of a maths problem. It is simply a diagram which clarifies relationships between elements of the problem so that pupils can easily identify what they know, what they don’t know and what they need to work out.

The students in Year 4.1 worked in pairs, where they were each given a problem to solve, using bar models. The children thoroughly enjoyed this activity and were made aware of how this method could be used in various other problem solving tasks.