Month: March 2020

Dogs Theme

The Dog theme project emerged in Class K 2.3 It came out through pretend play – kids role played that they are a family of dogs (daddy dog, mummy dog and puppies). The children became more curious and interested about dogs when provided with books, songs and rhymes and also with the collaboration of their […]

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The topic about trains all started when children used to put chairs after each other and pretend that they are on a train ride during their free play. I enhanced their interest about trains as we started to read stories while everyone was on board the train. The children enjoyed it and so we decided […]

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Dog and Chicken

This project emerged, as I provided the children with 2 empty boxes and I asked them what can we do with them. The children came out with the idea of making a kennel for the dogs at the bottom and on top we can do the chicken coop for the chickens. I asked parents to […]

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Sharing some craft ideas that you can do during activity time at home. Let’s get creative!! by Ms Maria Mifsud Lewis

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K1.2 & K1.3 – Snails

This project emerged while we were planting seeds in the outside area. The children were delighted to see the garden snails in the soil and a particular boy brought a snail from home the next day. In our classroom, we started the web plan and as educators we were delighted to discover that some children […]

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This was a creative subject for our class as a three year old mixed class with 18 students in it.  The children decided to pick up on this topic since they were playing outdoors in the back yard and started imagining they are flying aeroplanes. We discussed the procedure of how to board on an […]

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Poeżija lil Ms Nag u Ms Maria (K1.5, K1.6)

Kull filgħodu malli nqumu Qed nistaqsu ‘kemm ha ndumu?’ Forsi nilbsu dik l-uniformi Blu u oranġjo li tgħaddili ommi L-iskola aħna qed nimmisjaw L-Ms Nag u l-Ms Maria nixtiequ naraw Nisperaw li l-iskola nerġgħu mmorru U żgur filgħodu mhux ser nibqgħu ngorru Qawsalli u minn kollox aħna pinġejna Naqra tisjir u anki żfin ħejjejna Mixja […]

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Year 2.1 – Maths teaching and learning

Counting in 10s, Make 8 and 9 using Bee Bots, Multisensory learning, Odd and Even and Ordinal Numbers

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Outing to the Groomer – K2.3

On Friday 7th February Kindergarten Class 2.3 were lucky to visit ‘Charms Pet Grooming Salon’ at Mgarr. This was a good opportunity which was linked to the theme about dogs of the emergent curriculum. With the help of Ms Dorianne Micallef the kids enjoyed a short walk to and from school and the salon. When […]

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K2.3 – Dogs Theme

Constructing a leash and role play/pretend play  – dog with leash and going out for a walk. Constructing a dogs waste bin and cleaning after your pet. Children showing interest in books about dogs. Washing our pet dogs. Pretend play – eating and drinking like dogs. We also noticed how difficult it was.

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