Dog and Chicken

This project emerged, as I provided the children with 2 empty boxes and I asked them what can we do with them. The children came out with the idea of making a kennel for the dogs at the bottom and on top we can do the chicken coop for the chickens. I asked parents to send something on this topic. The day after the children were very eager to show what they got and share the together. I asked the children to draw something on this topic on the journal, this helps me in planning my activities. The children were very interested and curious. I provided the children with paint and asked them to paint the boxes how they want. One of the children came out with a question, asking how the farmer is going to go on top of the kennel to feed the chickens. One of the children came out with the idea of making a ladder. So, we went outside in the school garden and collected some sticks and made a ladder. The children enjoyed it. We did a lot of fun activities in this project to enhance the child learning, focus on letter ‘K’ and ‘T’, by pre writing on sand, treasure hunt, playdough. Different ideas of how to build a kennel and chicken outside with bricks, logs and tyres. Sensory play kept the children focused and share ideas between them, especially children that have dogs as a pet. They shared their experiences with other children in how to take care of them. We also visited the dogs’ police station where children were able to see different experiences. Such as how dogs are trained and also understand that dogs are also our friends. I showed the children a real chick where we kept it at school for a day with us and then asked the children to draw their own chick, this helped the child to enhance his or her imagination. This project also lead us to learn and recognize the value of number 2 and the value of number 4, since a chicken has 2 feet while a dog has 4 feet. It also helped the children to recognize letter T and K. When doing this topic it helped us investigate our next Topic, Żiemel as the children started discussing between them that a horse can be added to our farm. This project took us three weeks, of learning, exploring and having fun together!!