Outing to the Groomer – K2.3

On Friday 7th February Kindergarten Class 2.3 were lucky to visit ‘Charms Pet Grooming Salon’ at Mgarr. This was a good opportunity which was linked to the theme about dogs of the emergent curriculum. With the help of Ms Dorianne Micallef the kids enjoyed a short walk to and from school and the salon. When we arrived we were greeted by Ms Charmaine Martin, the owner of the salon. She showed the grooming salon to the kids and also gave them some rules. The kids had a good time watching an African grey (parrot) which danced and kissed her owner. Later the kids were able to see the groomer taking care of a dog and she checked for swelling and parasites on the skin. The kids loved a Chow Chow dog named Sophie. They had the occasion to feel its fur. When the groomer washed her, the kids had turns to dry her up. We thanked Ms Charmaine Martin for her hospitality in her salon and also the dogs owner.