The topic about trains all started when children used to put chairs after each other and pretend that they are on a train ride during their free play. I enhanced their interest about trains as we started to read stories while everyone was on board the train. The children enjoyed it and so we decided that this should be our next topic. The children got several books from home. Together we painted and built a big train out of cardboard boxes. We made a poster which showed all the stops that the train was going to make. The children came out with all the ideas for this poster, some of the stops were the jungle, the swimming lesson, school and the pool. We did several crafts related to this topic such as small trains and punching train tickets. We also learnt and carried out activities with magnets as this is the way that most train cars are attached to each other. We also learnt about different parts of the train.

This was a very interesting topic which came out from the children’s interests and built around their won likes and dislikes.