Message from the School Administration & School Magazine

We would like to thank all our educators who work so hard to educate our students, the clerks and the Ancillary staff for their dedication. Thanks to our students for their enthusiasm and commitment and also the parents whose support encourages us to create a good environment for all. Thanks to Ms Mifsud, the Head of College Network, the chaplain, Mgarr Local Council and MEDE for their help and support. As one can see, success is built on a large number of people working together as a TEAM. This online magazine shows some of the work we did during this scholastic year. We dedicate it to all of you and wish you a restful summer.

Ms Dorita Maniscalco
Ms Therese Rodgers
Ms Maria Borg Vella
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Year 6.1 – Online teaching and learning

Year 6.1 – The teacher, LSEs and students have continued to work hard. All sorts of online platforms were utilised (Teams, ilearn, YouTube, Word, PowerPoints, Quizizz and Kahoot) and when some particular students had specific queries, individual attention was given too. Correction tasks and feedback were always sent through the appropriate platforms. Reading ebooks through Literacy Pro reached excellent levels even when students were at home. Parents showed their appreciation too. This is the way online teaching and learning should be. Keep up the good work!

Lines and more lines

Year 1.2 – Our students enjoyed line exploration and learnt about different lines. Ms Marilyn used Book Creator to showcase their work. Well done to all!!

Application for Transport


Please note that this year there are two different types of school transport application methods: one for Renewals and one for First Time Applicants.

Renewals (i.e. students who had applied for transport for scholastic year 2019/2020 and whose details are already in the system) – parents will be receiving a personalised email. Parents can either confirm details, modify as necessary or cancel transport.

New Applications (i.e. students who had not applied for transport for scholastic year 2019/2020) – online applications will be available through the website and the Ministry’s website as from Thursday 25th June.

Parents will need to use their e-ID credentials to access this form. All applications will remain open until Sunday 12th July. The website will be updated this week and will contain detailed information regarding the application process.