Ms Kylie – Year 4.2

As part of the science lesson on healthy eating, food hygiene and identifying food groups, the pupils with the help of Ms Kylie prepared a healthy food salad with their favourite fruit and a yogurt and some cereal. Yummy!!!

New Maths WebQuests Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6

The MSTeam desgined new WebQuests recommended for Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6.

  • Maths and Mammals and More (recommended for students working at Year 4 level)
  • Animals in Extinction (recommended for students working at Year 5 level)
  • Pumpkins (recommended for students working at Year 6 level)

You can access the WebQuests through this link:

Parents’ Meetings – week beginning 23rd November

Dear Parents / Guardians

Gentle reminder for this week’s parents’ meetings:

Wednesday 25th November at 10:30am – Online TEAMS (basic use of TEAMS) meeting for parents whose children are in Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 with HOD Digital Literacy – Ms Laura Schembri. However we are sending the link of the online meeting to all parents so if parents from other year groups want to join, they are more than welcome.

Thursday 26th November at 10:30am – Online LOs and Continuous Assessment Meeting with Parents whose children are in Year 3, 4 & 5 with HOD Literacy – Ms Eleanor Vella and HOD Mathematics – Ms Miriam Chetcuti.

The links will be sent a day or two before via email. You can also find the links in the Mgarr Primary School TEAM.

NB: because of GDPR the meetings will not be recorded. However, notes and PPTs used during the sessions will be uploaded on TEAMS.

Mgarr Primary Administration

Ms Stephanie – Year 2

Money Addition topic- During the lesson children had to find the exact amount of money and buy a toy. The toys were shown on a handout. Children brought their own cash register as well and stayed on their own desks to keep social distances. Children had an addition activity using the number mat and learned how one has to move forward on the number line to add.Children created 2 D shapes using straight straws.Children found pairs of 5 using the playing cards.Children build letters from the Maltese alphabet using playdough or pompoms.One can see the letters għ, (g small and capital letters), p and q, b and d, and the letter m.This method was also repeated to form letters during English phonics.Children built high-frequency words using letter caps too.L-ittra ie (During outdoor learning children used stones to build words beginning or having /ie/.Children planted flower plants and lettuce in the soil area designated for year 2.2 following a science lesson explaining the different parts of plants and trees. They dug into the soil planted the plants and flowers and watered them too!A cross-curriculum approach took place when children did leaf printing. This science lesson was about leaves and children brought different leaves and printed them on a blank A4 chart using colourful poster colours.