Jesus is my Valentine!

On Thursday 11th February 2021, students are to come to school in a red tshirt/top and jeans. All students can wear a colourful hat and do some face painting (above the mask). Remember that the theme is love – so include hearts, flowers and butterflies!!! Let’s see different and original hats.

This is to celebrate Valentine – the feast of love. We love each other and want to help those who are less fortunate. A donation of 2 euro will go in aid of Smiling With Jerome Foundation (NGO) which helps families diagnosed with cancer and families whose kids have serious disabilities or conditions.

All students will be given a small treat for Valentine’s Day.


Parents’ Online Meetings – Week beginning Monday 1st February 2021

Parents’ Online Meetings – Week beginning Monday 1st February 2021

  • Wednesday 3rd February 2021- 9:00am – Year 6 Parents’ Meeting on Choice of Subject
  • Thursday 4th February 2021 – 9:00am – Kindergarten Parents’ Meeting on Maths Toolbox to be used in Year 1
  • Thursday 4th February 2021 – 10:30am – Year 1 & Year 2 Parents’ Workshop on Outdoor Maths
  • Thursday 4th February 2021 – 1:00pm – Year 3 & Year 4 Parents’ Workshop on Outdoor Maths
  • Friday 5th February 2021 – Noon – Year 5 & Year 6 Parents’ Workshop on Outdoor Maths

Benchmark Year 6 Parents’ Meeting

Dear Parents / Guardians

St Nicholas College is inviting all Parents/Guardians of Year 6 students attending the following schools: Attard Primary, Bahrija Primary, Dingli Primary, Mtarfa Primary, Mgarr Primary and Rabat Primary.

The meeting will provide important information on the end of year Benchmark sessions starting from Monday 24th May 2021.

The one hour session will be delivered by Ms Carmen Muscat, Education Officer, specialising in Assessment.

Due to large number of persons, all microphones will muted but, parents/guardians will be given an opportunity to ask questions by writing the question in the chat area. The moderator will intervene.

The session will be presented both in Maltese and English.

Session will be recorded for the benefit for those who would not make it on the day.

The session will be held on Microsoft TEAMS on 19th February 2021 from 16:00 till 17:00 and the link to this session is found over HERE