Adult & Child LIVE Online Sports Quiz

Participants will follow short clips in English related to traditional sports from around the world. This will be followed by a multiple-choice quiz that will be done individually per Adult and Child. Several rounds will be organized until the winners are declared.
Any student in Year 4, 5 and 6 with an adult.WILL PRIZES BE AWARDED?
Yes, fantastic prizes will be awarded to the top three participants.
You may register through link below by not later than Friday 7th May at noon.

Link will be sent after registration deadline is over.

Earth Day 2021 – Wear blue, green or yellow – Thursday 22nd April 2021

On Thursday 22nd April 2021, we are celebrating EARTH DAY. On that day, all students may come to school wearing blue (like the sky)/green (like the trees)/yellow (like the sun) clothes or any combination of these colours. Just as we did last year when we were in lockdown, the children are asked to do some sustainable activity or make something to help save our planet. It could be a drawing, some kind of craft, an activity such as planting/ saving water/electricity/ reducing plastic or appreciation of nature. Take photos of your activity / artwork and upload them on our padlet in this link:

BeSmartOnline – The Digital Detox Challenge

Thank you for supporting BeSmartOnline’s initiative The Digital Detox Challenge, which aims at promoting an online/offline balanceBelow please find the links to this week’s task. If you will be sharing it on your social media platforms please click on the link and share it directly from the BeSmartOnline account.



Role-play in Year 6.1 – Mr Matthew Cassar

Year 6.1 – Mr Matthew Cassar
During our English writing activity, we learnt how to create our own play. Using drama, over six weeks, we created a wonderful project by bringing our own costumes, created our own props and wrote the dialogue. Creative writing with our positive and great teacher is so much fun and best of all – he helps us to grow into responsible persons.

K1.1 – Manipulative play

K1.1 – Ms Nagaat Bugeja – Manipulative play – these activities allow our students to control their world by mastering the objects they use. Sometimes it’s solitary and sometimes they play in pairs but with the resources the administration provides us, it’s always cooperative. These young students are using these resources to enhance their communicative skills and creativity.