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Poster by Mgarr Primary School

Well done to two of our students at Mgarr Primary School. Their drawing was made into a poster to make people aware that we have to keep our environment clean.

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Green Club Members taking care of the school garden

The Green Club students caring for the school garden. Ms Rodgers, assistant head, is teaching students skills on how to prune tree. Unwanted debris is placed in compost bins, while other twigs and stones are being gathered to be used for outdoor learning experiences .

Green Club at work

Green Club students helping at school to create awareness about the importance of recycling. Others had a go a growing avocado plants.

Dinja Waħda…

Students working together for Dinja Waħda projects while learning about wild life and the importance of preserving the environment.

Dinja Waħda Ambassadors

 Ms Rodgers, together with the Green Club members, had the opportunity to act as an ambassador for the Dinja Waħda projects by sharing good practice with and assistant head from the school of San Lawrenz, Gozo. We look forward for future eTwinning projects together.

Dinja Waħda Activity at Buskett Gardens

The K2.1 students have been learning about ants and the importance of these minibugs in the ecosystem. After reading a story to the students, Ms Luicienne Vella, prepared field work for students at Buskett Gardens. The weather was not helpful on the day since it was raining. No ants were visible, however the KGE asked […]

Happy Easter… End of Term Fun Activities

The Year 2.1 students of Ms Stephanie Azzopardi have been busy working during the 2nd term. Above students proudly present their Easter craft.  Students can be seen having fun during various lessons… Learning plurals and words starting with letters having similar sounds in Maltese (‘p’ and ‘b’); Learning the correct use of the verb ‘has’ […]

Dinja Waħda…

Dinja Waħda projects are activities dearly loved by our students. Ms Rodgers, assistant head, works with students to raise environmental awareness and the importance of preserving nature and wild life.  

Green Club at work…

Green Club members raking and watering  potato plants and broad beans previously sown by Kindergarten children.  Meantime some other kids were reaping the harvest from our bountiful fruit trees.  This came as a surprising reward to our hard-working Green Clubbers! Submitted by Ms Rodgers, Assistant Head

Dinja Waħda… Creating Environmental Awareness…

Today we mixed some compost with our garden soil to sow flowering plant seeds namely, Stephanotis, Mirabilis (Hummej) and Farfugium Japonicum (Galletti) among others. The kids had great fun digging, watering and getting their hands dirty.  Following  these sessions, one can only hope that a little green seed has been sown in each child’s heart […]