Hand-on Value

Last week Year 1 children learned more about number value. They were given beans and blocks to make groups or towers showing the value of numbers from 1 to 10. They could clearly understand the meaning of value and easily understood the meaning of more and less.

Our little cooks

The children sifted the flour and used a rubbing in method to incorporate the butter, they grated the carrots which they added to the dough. They kneaded it and opened it up with a rolling pin, and cut shapes with cutters. These were baked in the oven.

Letters & their sound

Today children revised the Maltese letters they learned so far. They matched real objects to their corresponding initial letter and sound.

Learning through Play

Sensory play with rice and cornflakes (numeracy skills for filling up cups full and empty etc…) and Cooking Friday activity – preparing fruit kebabs. by K1.5, K1.6.

Outing at Rabat

The children enjoyed an educational outing to Ghajn in Rabat. They saw the different instruments used to forecast weather. Then they discussed the water cycle. Children were shown a movie about it and then they had three different activities related to it; an interactive game, a hands on activity and a drawing activity. Finally they […]

Cows on the Farm Tuff Tray Activity

Kinder students Ms Elaine and Ms MarijaDescription: This week our project focused on cows-where they live;what they eat and what they produce. Children enjoyed this child-led sensory activity

Coding + Music

Year 2 students with the help of Ms Chantelle Camilleri, our Music Teacher investigated how code can be used to create and enhance music.This was done by generating beat patterns and musical sequences with visualisations.

Unplugged Activities

Ms Rebecca Bonello, our PE teacher, used a collection of free teaching material to teach Computer Science through engaging games and puzzles. Cards with numbers and commands were used. #physicaleducationthroughcoding