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Literacy Day… Buxu

The children listened to the story, Buxu Jsib Tezor. They played a fishing game. The children were split in two groups and used a fishing rod to catch some fish. Once they caught a fish they had to identify the number written on the fish. The children made a cat using toilet paper rolls using their favourite colour.

The children took turns to play the role of Buxu (wearing ears) outdoors. The other children played the role of Buxu’s cat friends. They counted numbers to play hide and seek while Buxu went hiding in a bucket that was full of fish which he shared with his friends and family.

The children had some time to improve their mathematical skills by using the beebot with cards/pictures taken from the book of Buxu.

Submitted by Ms Felicia Borg, KGE

Goldilocks and the Three Bear during Literacy Week

Various activities were held during literacy week based on the story of Goldilocks and the Three  Bears.

Story using puppets invovled colouring Papa, Mama, Baby bears and Goldilocks for characters headbands craft with a rhyme.

Students then role-played the story using the main characters with headbands craft.

Students also played Goldilocks and the Three Bears Picture Lotto followed by Goldilocks and the Three Bears size seriation – big, medium, small.

In another activity students had to match the bears and had to decide between hot and cold.

To recapitulate the story students were given sequencing pictures/cards. They finally drew something about the story and used maths rhyme beginning subtraction using one less.

Submitted by Ms Lucienne Vella, K2.3

Literacy Day… Jack and the Beanstalk

K1.3 started the day by going through the story using puppets. Then children created a mask using different characters of the story. Going through the process of a planted bean, the children were given some cotton wool to sow a bean in a cup (the beanstalk).

They were also given some playdough mats to create their own beans, coins, beanstalk and eggs. Numeracy (counting beans) was integrated with the learning experience. A leaf template was presented where children could count the beans according to the number shown.

Flower flashcards were given to create them on the mats followed by colouring to add on. The last activity included matching pictures.

Submitted by Ms Nagaat Bugeja, K1.3

Literacy Day… The Three Little Pigs

With the help of the story “The three little pigs”. Story and song – story sequence and flashcards. Related activities: Numeracy: house measuring, counting of 3 pigs, 3 houses,3 hats etc.

Science: air can move things.  The wolf blows the houses down.  Hot or cold water. Sensory trays: twigs, straws, lego bricks, leaves and plastic pigs. Crafts: pigs and wolf mask, building house craft, stick puppets, pig balloons.

Submitted by Ms Josianne Camilleri, K1.2

Literacy Day… Rumble in the Jungle

The following activities related to the story Rumble in the Jungle by Giles Andreae:

  • Story sack resource pack to support teaching the story – this includes visuals, animal flashcards, animal finger puppets, sequencing cards, colouring in sheets and matching games.
  • Crafts: Masks of different jungle animals related to the story; Binoculars crafts with toilet paper rolls; Paper plate safari hats
  • Playdough mats related to the story.
  • Different rhymes and songs related to jungle animals like Walking in the jungle; Circle of life; I just can’t wait to be king.
  • Messy Play: Jungle Animals sensory bin.
  • Gross motor skills: Throw the dice and move like the animal.

Submitted by Ms Elaine Scerri, KGE

A Real Farm Experience…

K2.3 visited two farms within walking distance from school. Although some children complained about the walk they enjoyed it. They were overwhelmed with this experience. They were able to hold, pet, feed and bottle feed the animals and sow some basil seeds.

The students really enjoyed this experience.

Below is a short video clip for you to enjoy.

Submitted by Ms Lucienne Vella, KGE