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Symbol Literacy at Mdina

The Kindergarten 2 students visited Mdina for a session of symbol literacy. The students walked around the Mdina ditch, followed by a lunch break. With their tummies full, the students entered the wall of the Silent City and were asked to find the door to the main entrance of the Cathedral Museum. Once inside the museum, the students had to find St Michael. Upon finding him, a story telling session and follow up activity kicked off. The students were prepared in advance about the character of St Michael.

Submitted by Ms Janice Vella, K2.1

Postman.. Postman…

During this activity the Kindergarten children painted a big cardboard box in red which was transformed into a letter box. On the next day they drew a picture which was placed inside a self addressed envelope. That same evening the letters were posted by the KGE in a real letter box!

The children were very excited when 2 days later they received their letter at home. A week later students received letters at school addressed to the children, thanks to the parents cooperation.

Submitted by Ms Felicia Borg, K2.3 KGE

Thinking of Others…

Celebrating the feast of St Martin is a long standing tradition at our school. The aim of celebrating this feast is to instill a sense of giving and receiving. Kindergarten students prepared hearts which were painted prior to this event. The hearts were stuck on a rainbow template representing the beauty of helping others. Dun Gorg, Mgarr Chaplain blessed all the goody bags which were later distributed to students.

Special thanks to Ms Borg Vella for organising the event and to Ms Joanne Galea for her support.

Water Play…

The K2.1 and K2.3 classes enjoyed a morning of water play in preparation for the summer season.

Ms Felicia and Ms Lucienne prepared a number of activities for students using water. The students enjoyed this free play session to end their scholastic year.