The Tortoise and the Hare

Today the children acted out the story of the tortoise and the hare. First we read the book and then some of the children played the part of the hare and some of the tortoise. They started together from the start line, the rabbit went running as fast as he could and decided to have […]

K2.2 – Zeffies Outing

During the outing at Zeffie’s the children prepared their own pizza. They started by spreading out the semolina on a plate, then they opened the dough using rolling pins. They spread tomato sauce and added toppings according to their liking. Until the pizza was being baked they enjoyed some free play in the play area, […]

Floating and Sinking

Outdoor activity done at the backyard, floating and sinking (using stones, acorns, plastic sharks (in conjunction with emergent curriculum topic).

Our little cooks

The children sifted the flour and used a rubbing in method to incorporate the butter, they grated the carrots which they added to the dough. They kneaded it and opened it up with a rolling pin, and cut shapes with cutters. These were baked in the oven.

Learning through Play

Sensory play with rice and cornflakes (numeracy skills for filling up cups full and empty etc…) and Cooking Friday activity – preparing fruit kebabs. by K1.5, K1.6.

Cows on the Farm Tuff Tray Activity

Kinder students Ms Elaine and Ms MarijaDescription: This week our project focused on cows-where they live;what they eat and what they produce. Children enjoyed this child-led sensory activity

Erasmus Activity: Outdoors at the back yard of school.

Title: In conjunction with the Emergent Curriculum topic – Dogs done in class.  (Hiding flashcards and soft toys in soil)