Learning Letter Names and Sounds – Ittra k

Last week, Year 1 children learned about the letter K in Maltese. After talking about this letter and its sound, children were asked to bring an object which starts with this particular letter.  Such activities help them share and expand their vocabulary. 

Mixing Colours

Children were very interested in colour mixing and thus, this week we talked about this subject. We talked about the primary colours and after painting children’s hands in two primary colours, we asked them to rub their hands together. They were very excited to see that another colour appeared.

Sowing Seeds & Living and Non Living

We are participating in the EWWR competition and our students are preparing for this by sowing seeds to be sold during Parents’ Afternoon. Also, after learning the differences between living and non living, the children were asked to go outside and label the different objects found.

Add 1

The children are seen playing an addition game outside the classroom. They are having fun whilst learning how to add 1

Hand-on Value

Last week Year 1 children learned more about number value. They were given beans and blocks to make groups or towers showing the value of numbers from 1 to 10. They could clearly understand the meaning of value and easily understood the meaning of more and less.

Letters & their sound

Today children revised the Maltese letters they learned so far. They matched real objects to their corresponding initial letter and sound.

Exploring parts of flowering plant

Today children learnt about flowers and plants. They talked about the parts of the plant – mainly the roots, the stem, leaves and fruit and they learnt about their purpose. Then they could analyse and discuss the similarities and differences including length, width of flowers, leaves and buds. They also noticed plants which had flowers […]

A Year of Hard Work, Fun and Friendship

Submitted by Ms Marilyn Bugeja, Class Teacher

Learning Maths Outdoors!!

The Year 2.2 students of Ms Stephanie Azzopardi have been learning Maths in a very hands-on and practical manner. However they are also doing this outside the classroom, while enjoying the outdoors. On another they learned about subtraction using loose parts available in the school garden. And another interesting lesson that was extended from the […]

Measuring using blocks

Today children went out in the garden to measure different items using blocks. They counted the number of blocks and recorded their findings in the Maths Journals. Submitted by Ms Marilyn Bugeja, Yr 1.1