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Maths is fun

Year 2.2 students during various Maths activities including: Odd-Even (sorting activities using numbers and dominoes), Weight (discover if an object is heavy, light and find the balance), Building 3D shapes using ice cream sticks).

Ordering (days of the week, months and races to learn about Ordinal numbers), Time(roll the multi faced dice an show the correct time) revision o’clock, Constructing a number using (P.E resources outdoor activity), Pairs of 5 (playing cards, number necklaces) , Find the change from 10c.

Submitted by Ms Stephanie Azzopardi, Class Teacher

English through games…

The Yr 2.2 students learning English through play…Match questions and answers (Print conventions), Prepositions and following instructions which include prepositions to build a structure using lego , bee-bot (matching flashcards, outdoor activity with obstacles).

Submitted by Ms Stephanie Azzopardi

Lezzjonijiet tal-Malti

It-tfal tat-tieni sena ta’ Ms Stephanie Azzopardi jitgħallmu l-Malti b’mod prattiku u permezz ta’ logħob edukattiv. Fost l-affarijiet li qed jitgħallmu nsibu leħħiet bil-pronomi ‘dik’ u ‘dak’, il-kuluri (qabbel kulur u l-leħħa li turi oġġett/frotta li għandha dak il-kulur, Ibni l-ismijiet tal-kuluri bl-ittri tal-plastik) u l-plurali (zid -i).

Drama Outing

Yr 2.2 students had an interesting workshop during the Masquerade Outing activity. In this workshop students had various music and drama activities.

Submitted by Ms Stephanie Azzopardi, Yr 2.2 Class Teacher

eTwinning through science

Yr  2.2 students of Ms Stephanie Azzopardi having a go at gardening in preparation for an eTwinning project with partners from Europe.

The students planted seed and will be observing their growth in the coming weeks. They will also have to  make sure to water the plants and take care of them.

Maths through PE

After learning which are the odd and even numbers throughout the week, the children were taken in the pitch. Different numbers ranging from 0 to 100 were spread in the pitch. Even or odd numbers were called out and the child had fetch the number accordingly. Different instructions were given such as: an odd number between 30 and 40. The number then was checked accordingly.

In another game, number cards from 0 to 100 were spread out in the pitch. Children were divided into two groups. Opposite each group two hoops were placed labelled odd and even. The children had 10 minutes to race one after each other, choose a number and place it accordingly in the hoop. When the ten minutes were over the numbers were revised together and points were given according to how many numbers were placed correctly.

Submitted by Ms Janice Vella Muscat, Yr 2.1 Class Teacher


Fun Maths games – Learning through play

This week the Yr  2 students are learning odd and even. After reading the story of “Odd Todd and Even Steven” students classified the numbers from 1 to 10 according to odd or even.

In pairs the children played two card games.

First card game was a memory game – the children had to collect the cards if both cards turned were odd or even and leave them there if not the same.

Second card game was snap – the children had the cards distributed equally between them. They had to call snap when two odd or two even numbers were on top of each other.

Submitted by Ms Janice Vella Muscat, Class Teacher