Year 2.1 – Learning is Fun

Year 2.1 – Numeracy, Outings, Science and Literacy. Teaching and Learning is fun at Mgarr Primary School

Outing at Rabat

The children enjoyed an educational outing to Ghajn in Rabat. They saw the different instruments used to forecast weather. Then they discussed the water cycle. Children were shown a movie about it and then they had three different activities related to it; an interactive game, a hands on activity and a drawing activity. Finally they […]

Coding + Music

Year 2 students with the help of Ms Chantelle Camilleri, our Music Teacher investigated how code can be used to create and enhance music.This was done by generating beat patterns and musical sequences with visualisations.

l-Ittra ‘f’

Riżorsa għat-tfal. Xogħol ta’ Ms Stephanie Azzopardi.


The Year 2.2 students of Ms Stephanie Azzopardi enjoyed a maths lesson outdoors about capacity. They estimated how many cups of water would be needed to fill in different sized containers and then actually counted the number of cups needed.

Wrold Book Day Celebration

The school hosted the World Book Day Award Ceremony. The Year 2 students prepared short play adapted from the book “Lupu Lpettu ma jħobbx jaqra”. The students and teachers were all given a book as a token for their efforts by the National Literacy Agency.

At the Catacombs

The Year 2.2 students of Ms Stephanie Azzopardi visited St. Paul’s Catacombs and enjoyed a train ride around the streets of Rabat. These are the learning experiences offered to our students to provide for a holistic, hands-on an practical approach.

Tens and Units

Yr 2.2 students of Ms Stephanie Azzopardi learning about tens and units in a practical and hands-on approach.


It-tfal tat-tieni sena ta’ Ms Stephanie Azzopardi jiddiskutu u jitgħallmu dwar il-Ħin permezz ta’ użu ta’ arlogġġi u riżorsi oħra.