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Fieldwork at Djar il-Bniet

Children enjoyed a lovely outing in Dingli. Although familiar with strawberry fields in our area, children enjoyed a walk down the strawberry fields. They were shown different wild herbs which grow in local fields and can be used with food such as the wild rucola, bay leaves, fennel etc. Children enjoyed the smell of some leaves such as lemon and orange tree leaves. Afterwards, they created their own strawberry muffin using fresh strawberries, homemade strawberry jam and some chocolate chips.

Submitted by Ms Janice Vella, Yr 2.1

Visiting a Local Farm at Mġarr

The Year students visited a farm and prepared a set of questions which were used to interview the farmer. The students has  very positive experience while learning about the hardships and dedication needed to run a farm.

Submitted by Ms Stephanie Azzopardi, Class Teacher.

Literacy and World Book Day

Some photos from our class literacy day activity where they had to talk about their favourite character from a book they read.

After learning the topic of weight the children went to the kitchen to do an activity. They had to estimate, calculate and find how many eggs are equal to blocks and marbles. They used chocolate eggs and cereal to balance with marbles and blocks. Then they created easter nests with the cereal and melted chocolate and they even did the balancing of the eggs and blocks.

Trying to find the weight of objects using blocks and Easter Eggs.

Children enjoyed trying to balance the scale after estimation.

Submitted by Ms Janice Vella Muscat, Yr 2.1

In-Numri Kardinali

It-tfal tat-tieni sena ħarġu fil-bitħa tal-iskola biex jitgħallmu n-numri kardinali u fl-istess ħin użaw riżorsi naturali u gawdew dak li toffri n-natura.

In-numri kardinali… matematika, Malti u n-natura… M’hemmx isbaħ milli wieħed jitgħallem barra mill-klassi u bl-użu ta’ riżorsi naturali…

Xogħol ta’ Stephanie Azzopardi, għalliema