Category: Year 3

A World of Flags

After receiving all the flags and information, students not only read and learned new information about the history and geography of each country, but they also discussed which flags are symmetrical. An exhibition of the received flags and information was prepared by the students and class teacher so that other students from our school could also […]

eTwinning – A World of Flags

The Year 3.2 class participated in an eTwinning project entitled  A World of Flags. Between January and February students from 16 different schools from around Europe made their National Flag and wrote some information about it.  The flags and information were then sent to all partners.  Students loved receiving the flags and reading the information. Between April and May  students from […]

Nature Reserve

As part of the Social Studies and Dinja Waħda activities, the year 3.1 students visited the Għadira Nature Reserve.  There they learned many interesting facts about food chains, plants, birds and other creatures.  The students also went for a walk around the reserve and they could see the trees, plants and some of the creatures […]

Doubling and Halving

The Year 3.2 students used the Cuisenaire rods to recognise that halving is the inverse of doubling. Submitted by Ms Miranda Cauchi, Class Teacher


The Year 3.2 students enjoyed learning about fractions as they participated in various hands-on activities. Students were given some cookie cutters and play dough and they had to find a way to half them. Afterwards, they were given paper shapes and they had to fold each shape into two equal parts and name one half […]

Multiplication explored…

Students were given the opportunity to use various manipulatives and other resources to recognise that multiplication is repeated addition. Students also realised that they can multiply numbers in any order and get the same result. Submitted by Ms Miranda Cauchi, Yr 3 Teacher

Money, money, money…

Students were engaged in various hands-on activities using real coins from their Math Toolbox. In so doing, they were able to recognise the value of coins, use the fewest coins in real life situations, add totals up to 1 euro and give the correct change. Furthermore, students were able to plan an activity within a given budget. Submitted by […]

San Anton Math Trail

Year 3 students of Ms Sharon Calleja learning Maths at San Anton Gardens.

Play dough Multiplication

Hands-on fun with play dough whilst learning about multiplication! Submitted by Ms Sharon Calleja, Year 3.1 Class Teacher

Literacy Day… Stone Soup

The teacher animated the story Stone Soup .  Students also enjoyed animating parts of the story.  Then, the class discussed the story elements.  Afterwards, students were given a template of a plan with pictures and they wrote the characters, the setting of the story etc…Another plan was given,  this time they had the question words or phrases only […]