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Science Fieldwork at Selmun

Year 4 and year 5 students went to Ta’ Selmun to do a science fieldwork. They saw Ta’ Selmun tower and then they had plenty of time to complete their fieldwork on their tablets. After they ran around the race track. Finally they sat down under the shade of the trees to eat their lunch.

Submitted by Ms Mathea Mompalao, Yr 4.1 Class Teacher

eBooks on Literacy Day

The children read an ebook on Literacy Pro about Endangered Animals. Next they were divided into groups, where with the use of the app SimpleMind they composed mind maps displaying endangered animals and the causes to their current state.

Finally, the children did a quiz on Quizziz about endangered animals.

Submitted by Ms Angelique Attard, Yr 4.2 Teacher

Tablets and Stories

On Literacy Day the children read a book on the app Literacy Pro about Endangered Animals. Then they did an exercise on SimpleMind about the animals they read about and what is endangering them. A quiz on Quizziz about endangered animals followed.

To complement these activities a Special Assembly is being organised by this class about the importance of reading books. This will serve as a closure for Literacy week.

Submitted by Ms Angelique Attard, Yr 4.2

Using tablets to enhance literacy

Following an introduction to the story Pinu jżomm ruħu nadif, students participated in a number of activities which enhance Literacy. Use of tablets featured in these activities as follows:

  • Digital games related with the story
  • Students will make a comicstrip and share it via classcloud using Picsay app.
  • Quiz related with the story (about 15 questions) using Kahoot app.
  • Students will share different views and strategies how to live a healthy life using Padlet app.

Submitted by Ms Mathea Mompalao, Yr 4.1 Teacher

Equivalent Fractions

Students had pictorial investigations of different equivalent fractions. They had to find out which fractions were equivalent. The pictorial representations helped them to observe that although the numerators and denominators were different from each other they represented the same value or proportion of the whole. Students then worked in groups to join different equivalent fractions together.

Submitted by Ms Mathea Mompalao, Yr 4.1 Teacher

Fort St Angelo

The Year 4 classes visited fort Saint Angelo. Students watched a play about reading which was prepared by popular Maltese actors. After  lunch, students had time to walk along Fort St Angelo while stopping at some points to listen to the guided tour. Students had such a good time admiring the views of the Grand Harbour and learned many historical and geographical facts.

Submitted by Ms Mathea Vasallo, Class Teacher

Maths Trail at San Anton Gardens

The year 4 classes went for a Maths trail at San Anton garden. Students had fun doing Maths concepts outside the classroom. Students were encouraged and motivated to investigate problem-solving situations. They also had the opportunity to discover Maths application in the real world.
Due to the fact that students were very well behaved they were given an orange each. It was really juicy and tasted very good. Even teachers enjoyed the activity to the  full!!
Submitted by Ms Mathea Mompalao, Teacher