Mgarr Fieldwork – Year 4.1

The students of Year 4.1 walked around some of the streets of Mgarr to work on their Social Studies Fieldwork. The children observed the traffic circulation, road signs and the differences between a busy road and a quiet road, amongst others. It was an exciting experience through which the students got to learn about their […]

Digital Literacy Meeting with Parents – Year 4.1

Parents of students from Year 4.1 were invited to join during a lesson given by Ms Lewis, where students participated in various activities using their tablets. The students made use of the new app Simple Minds creating a web of different nouns. They also took part in an exciting quiz using another app Kahoot. The […]


Waqt l-aħħar lezzjoni tal-iStudju Soċjali, l-istudenti tas-Sena 4.1 analizzaw rivisti differenti – kollha pubblikazzjonijiet Maltin. Huma nqassmu fi gruppi u għamlu riċerka dwar min ippublikahom, kemm fihom paġni, kemm fihom riklami, min kiteb l-artkli u dwar xiex kienu. Fl-aħħar nett, huma iddiskutew dwar artiklu li kieku setgħu jiktbu huma fuq xi waħda minn dawn ir-rivisti. […]

Anti-Bullying Week

This week it was Anti-Bullying Week. To commemorate this, the students of Ms Lewis in Year 4.1 prepared a special assembly encouraging each individual to believe in themselves and know that they are WORTHY! The children thoroughly enjoyed preparing for this assembly and had an amazing time performing it in front of all their school […]

Book Fair

It was a wonderful day spent at the Book Fair held at MCC Valletta. All the students of Year 4.1 thoroughly enjoyed this experience and they were extremely excited to purchase their own books. Each child was given a wrist band and a voucher to use during the event. They were also shown a performance […]

Different Leaves

Year 4.1 learnt about the different types of leaves during their latest science lesson. They also learnt why leaves fall in the autumn season and why they change their colour. Some trees never shed their leaves and are called ‘evergreen’. The students collected leaves and these are now beautifully displayed in the school corridor! Well […]

Science Fieldwork at Selmun

Year 4 and year 5 students went to Ta’ Selmun to do a science fieldwork. They saw Ta’ Selmun tower and then they had plenty of time to complete their fieldwork on their tablets. After they ran around the race track. Finally they sat down under the shade of the trees to eat their lunch. […]

Special Assembly to close the Literacy Celebrations

The Year 4.2 students of Ms Angelique prepared a special assembly about the importance of reading and how reading can help to improve our skills and widen our horizons.  

eBooks on Literacy Day

The children read an ebook on Literacy Pro about Endangered Animals. Next they were divided into groups, where with the use of the app SimpleMind they composed mind maps displaying endangered animals and the causes to their current state. Finally, the children did a quiz on Quizziz about endangered animals. Submitted by Ms Angelique Attard, Yr 4.2 […]

Tablets and Stories

On Literacy Day the children read a book on the app Literacy Pro about Endangered Animals. Then they did an exercise on SimpleMind about the animals they read about and what is endangering them. A quiz on Quizziz about endangered animals followed. To complement these activities a Special Assembly is being organised by this class […]