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Transforming stories into artwork

Students created a visual representation of a character, scene or setting from what they have heard read aloud by the teacher from a chosen text (in Maltese).

Students were given black paper and chalk and were asked to draw the image they had in their heads whilst they were listening to the reading. After the artwork was produced, students talked about their own and others’ pictures, commenting on what they have included and why. This exercise was intended  to expand and enrich their descriptive vocabulary.

Submitted by Ms Melanie Sammut, Yr 5.1 Class Teacher

Football Read/Write Programme

In our fifth fixture with the Mgarr squad, we read and scanned blurbs for specific information and learnt how to scan the pitch to check all options available to a player. 👀⚽️📚✍️ Keep up the great progress! Great work! 👍👏⭐️

Credits to Ms Maria Cremona and the National Literacy Agency

Festive Season E-Safety Event

An internet e-safety event was organised for the Year 5 and Yr 6 students by the healthy and safety teacher, Ms Jacqueline Abela and the digital literacy support teacher, Ms Laura Schembri.

Students used their laptops to scan QR codes which were displayed in the school hall.

Every code was linked to a safety measure that needs to be taken to make our homes safer this Christmas.

In the above photos students have shared some of the safety tips they learnt. Such sessions are a true example of how technology can be used to embrace a meaningful learning experience.