Erasmus+ Outdoor Learning TIP – Teach Inspire Protect

Participating Partners

Birdlife Malta (BLM)

St Nicholas College, Mgarr Primary School – Malta

INAK – Slovakia

The Learning through Landsccapes Trust (LTL) – UK

Ministry of Education and Employment (MEDE) – Malta

Sociedad Espanola Ornitologia (SEO) – Spain

Objectives of the Project

  1. To promote contemporary teaching approaches in school communities,
  2. To design teaching qualifications and training concepts which equip teachers with skills and the confidence to try new innovative methods of engaging learners,
  3. To encourage teachers to think critically how to use their school environment to enhance learning,
  4. To enhance outdoor experiential and child self-led learning,
  5. To share innovative teaching methodologies through existing networks to influence best practices at an EU level,
  6. Digitalising and creating online teaching resources to engage teachers and students.

The Erasmus+ Project emphasises the learning that takes place during documented experiences in the Early Years. The whole objective is adopting the emergent curriculum approach to contextualise learning through topics that are of interest to the children. In fact, our pupils are intrinsically motivated to ask questions, explore, discover and learn. Children’s interests are investigated and holistic development is achieved through these learning opportunities. These are namely vocabulary, language development, mathematical concepts are explored, problem solving skills, physical (fine and gross motor skills), social aspects (cooperation and collaboration), scientific aspects, moral and values and also understanding of the world. In a nutshell, with the help of this project, the children’s increased learning opportunities are effectively emphasized and the benefits of this approach is made evident.

Project Overview

This project is going to help us to produce methodologies and guidelines for schools. It is going to be child led and will use outdoors for learning. The participants are the Kindergarten to Year

What we did so far

  1. During the first two months there were meetings to discuss the project
  2. A multiplier event was held at Mgarr Primary School in May 2019.
  3. In November 2019 there was a transnational meeting in UK. Ms Dorita Maniscalco and Ms Therese Rodgers attended.
  4. In January there was a transnational meeting in Spain. Ms Therese Rodgers and Ms Nagaat Bugeja attended.

Intellectual Outputs

Contemporary Teaching Approaches
Design Concepts for enhancing learning and outdoor play
Accredited Teaching Courses
Online teaching Resources
Best Practice Training Processes

The Way Forward

  1. Enhancing the interior yard
    • Creating a climbing wall
    • Changing slippery tiles with outdoor tiles
    • Planters
    • New play houses for Early Years students
  2. Providing areas for classes to plant vegetables/fruit
  3. Creating playing areas in the outdoor space
    • Water Area
    • Buying outdoor resources
    • Mud kitchen
    • Music Wall
    • Reusing tyres and pallets to create play areas

Our Projects

K1.1 – Penguins

K1.2 & K1.3 – Snails

K1.4 – Dog and Chicken

K1.5 & K1.6 – Aeroplanes

K2.2 – Trains

K2.3 – Dogs

Year 2.1 – Click HERE to see the ideas of students on Outdoor Learning

Year 2.2 – Click HERE to see the ideas of students on Outdoor Learning


Creating a kite using twigs and leaves
Sowing Herbs
Planting Strawberries
Outdoor Play K2.3
Outdoor Play K1.5
Painting pebbles to form a shark
Different Leaves
Sowing Seeds & Living and Non Living
Floating and Sinking
Learning through Play
Unplugged Activities
Erasmus Activity: Outdoors at the back yard of school
Outdoor Play Kindergarten
Kinder 1.5 & Kinder 1.6