Members of Staff

Head of School: Ms Antonella Ferrante

Assistant Heads: Ms Therese Rodgers, Ms Maria Borg Vella


Year 1: Ms Marilyn Bugeja, Ms Louise Cutajar

Year 2: Ms Stephanie Azzopardi, Ms Janice Vella Muscat

Year 3: Ms Sharon Calleja, Ms Miranda Cauchi

Year 4: Ms Angelique Attard, Ms Mathea Vassallo

Year 5: Ms Melanie Sultana, Mr Ryan Cefai Mercieca

Year 6: Mr Matthew Cassar, Ms Sharon D’Amico

Kindergarten Assistants

Kinder 1:

Ms Elaine Bonnici, Ms Josianne Camilleri, Ms Camilla Scerri, Ms Nagaat Bugeja

Kinder 2:

Ms Felicia Borg, Ms Janice Vella, Ms Lucienne Vella

Peripatetic Teachers

Physical Education: Ms Rebecca Bonello

Science: Mr Christopher Buttigieg

Music: Mr Andrew  Bugeja

Art: Mr Adrian Scicluna

Healthy and Safety: Ms Jacqueline Abela

Complementary: Ms Cora Calleja

PSD: Ms Maria Saliba, Ms Pauline Gingell, Ms Maria Falzon

Support Teachers

eLearning Support: Ms Laura Schembri

Head of Department for Maths: Ms Joanne Vella

Literacy Support: Ms Annabelle Azzopardi

Head of Department for Literacy: Ms Eleanor Vella

Head of Department for Assessment for Learning: Ms Jennifer Borg

Inclusion Co-ordinator: N/A

Learning Support Assistants

Ms Doreen Abela, Ms Marika Bezzina, Ms Josette Borg, Ms Romina Borg, Ms Jane Bruno, Ms Rose Anne Buttigieg, Ms Anna Cassar, Ms Audrey Cortis, Ms Ruth Debono, Ms Charmaine Farrugia, Ms Kathleen Farrugia, Ms Josephine Galea, Ms Joelyn Gauci, Ms Rita Linstead, Ms Dorianne  Micallef, Ms Donna Pace, Ms Miriam Ruscica, Ms Sharon Scicluna, Ms Mary Anne Xerri and Ms Graziella Zammit.

Clerical Staff: Ms Carmen Galea, Ms Karen Fenech Bonnici

Ancillary Staff: Ms Marceline Camilleri, Ms Stephanie Camilleri, Ms Shanelle Galea, Ms Joanne Muscat

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