Allergy Policy


Allergy Policy         

(Agħfas hawn għall-versjoni bil-Malti: Kodiċi dwar Allerġiji)

Notes for Parents Informing the School:  Parents Informing School; Ġenituri javżaw l-iskola

Note for Parents for Emergency Prevention: Emergency Prevention; Prevenzjoni ta’ Emergenza


  • The aim of this policy is to minimize the risk of students with allergies to come in contact with food/items that they are allergic to.
  • The policy aims to outline a plan in case of an emergency.

General Information

  • A list with pupil names will be given to all members of staff.
  • The school will keep updated information on pupils with intolerances and allergies.
  • Changes in pupils’ medical conditions must be reported to the school.

Parents’ role

  • Parents are to provide written information from GP and/or consultant explaining the condition, any triggers, what medications need to be administered and protocol to be followed in case of an emergency.
  • Where Epi-Pens/medications are required parents/guardians are responsible for the provision and replacement of Epi-Pens/medications when they expire. Epi-Pens/medications should be clearly labelled and placed in a suitable container.
  • Parents are responsible for providing accurate and on-going information about their child’s intolerances/allergies.
  • Parents to provide up to date emergency contact details.
  • Parents are to ensure that their child’s lunch is safe.

 Staff role

  • Staff is responsible to familiarize themselves with this policy.
  • A meeting is to be held between the Class teacher/LSE and parents to brief them about the child’s needs, and also to be knowledgeable about the allergy condition.
  • Staff need to know what treatment/medications are required and where medication is stored.

In case of an emergency:

  1. Call 112
  2. Inform the Head of School or delegate
  3. Call the school First Aider for medication
  4. Call child’s parents

 Important Notice:

  • The School First Aider is responsible for administering the Epi-Pen or other medication.
  • Medication is kept in the office of the Head of School or Assistant Heads.
  • The school/class is declared a nut free zone in the event of allergic students.
  • The school shall inform parents of particular class case/s during the beginning of the scholastic year meetings.
  • All school parents are informed by means of a written circular.