Attendance Policy

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Attendance Policy

As from scholastic year 2014-2015 the Education Directorates within the Ministry for Education and Employment have issued the Attendance Policy and Procedures which have to be adhered to by all, in the best interests of the students. Your contribution in the educational life of your child is very important whereby you are kindly requested to follow the procedures below:

1. If your child cannot attend school, you are kindly asked to call, and later submit a note to the Head of School, explaining why your child cannot come to school. A justification has to be given for each day your child misses school. You are requested to provide documents to explain the absence. The Head of School will inform you whether the justification provided has been accepted or not.

2. If the justification is not accepted by the Head of School your child will be recorded as absent. When the number of unjustified absences accumulates to 9 days, further action will be taken.

3. If your child is not attending school because she/he is not feeling well, a medical certificate, together with a medical record card, is to be provided when your child is sick for 3 days or more during the same month. When your child is sick for less than 3 days a written note is sufficient. However, the Head of School may still ask for a formal medical certificate when your child is absent for less than 3 days if it is considered necessary. The Medical Certificate is to be presented within three days from the actual date that the student returns to school. If the student is sick for more than 5 consecutive school days, the medical certificate has to be handed in by the end of the fifth day. It is important that the doctor issuing the medical certificate fills in the Medical Certificate Record Card that has to be presented to the school together with the medical certificate.

4. Permission will no longer be granted for students who go on holidays falling on school days. These will be marked as absent. However, when students are requested to go abroad for educational visits or for medical treatment permission will be granted on presentation of valid documentation. In situations when the trip is related to a family issue a written justification is to be presented to the Head of School who will inform you whether the justification has been accepted or not.

You may download the templates below to send notification to school about absence which do not require a medical certificate and medical record card:

English template: Absence Form

Maltese template: Nota ta’ Assenteiżmu

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