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The Year 2.2 students of Ms Stephanie Azzopardi enjoyed a maths lesson outdoors about capacity. They estimated how many cups of water would be needed to fill in different sized containers and then actually counted the number of cups needed.

Capacity investigations

First- an explanation was done to help students remember how to convert l to ml and vice versa. An investigation was then carried out by myself using measuring containers and students were asked to observe the different questioning techniques. Then, using measuring containers in groups, the students were given the opportunity to create their own […]


The year 3.2 were busy learning about capacity by participating in hands-on activities to help them understand this topic in a more concrete way.The students filled different containers with coloured water to learn about litres and millilitres.  They took part in several investigative tasks, such as pouring 1L of water into containers of different sizes, […]

A learning experience for Yr 2.1

The Yr 2.1 students of  Ms Stephanie Azzopardi have embarked on an eTwinning Protject. In the above photos the students shared their experience with their partners from Greece by showing them how they learn shapes with the help of techonology using a Beebot. In this joint partnership both partners are using Beebot in teaching and […]

Learning about Capacity

The The Yr 2.2. students of Ms Stephanie measuring the capacity of different containers using the same measure, in this case a yoghurt cup. The students enjoyed playing with water, while familiarising themselves with capacity and its meaning.


  This week we talked about capacity in Maths. The students learned that capacity is the amount of liquid a container can hold. They also learned about the units we use to measure capacity, namely litres (L) and millilitres (ml). They learned that we use ml to measure small quantities and L to measure large […]

Hands on capacity!

The year 1.2 students of Ms Marilyn Bugeja  were learning about different amounts of water in the different cups. After talking about the different amounts in different containers, children were asked to fill a number of cups and then, putting them in order starting from the cup holding most to the cup holding the least amount […]