Celebration Day 2016 – Respect for All

This year we are celebrating diversity. We live in a strange, but beautiful world… Full of hardships, yet full of satisfaction… Full of fear, yet full of hope… Surrounded by war… yet full of love…

We live in a world full of diversity which brings along many challenges.  We have students who struggle at school academically, students who are not accepted because they are “different”, students who face language barriers, students of different cultures, ethnicity, religious beliefs, etc. It is very easy to forget the hardships these students face daily, in silence.

However, because we work as a team, we work hard to promote respect and diversity. Well done to all the members of staff and students for the fantastic performance and for spreading a message of “Respect for All”

Celebration Day 2014


On 18th December 2014 the school organised “Celebration Day” for the students. The aim of such an event is to acknowledge and celebrate the different abilities and talents of our students. All students learn in different ways. Some excel in one subject and some excel in others. Diversity is what helps our students learn from each other, and during such an event the school aims to celebrate this diversity.


The photos capture various moments of the show which was prepared with great dedication by all the members of staff and the students themselves. We hope you enjoyed the show 🙂

Celebration Day 2014

Today, 18th December 2014, was a special day for all the students of Mgarr Primary School. Celebration Day is the day dedicated to all our students with the aim of celebrating the different abilities of our students.

All students participated in a great performance performed in front of the parents. Well done to all the members of staff for putting up such a great show.

Below is a short photo story commemorating the first term of our scholastic achievements 🙂

Celebration Day 2014

Today was a special day for our students at Mgarr Primary School. This day was dedicated especially to each and every student since we celebrated their achievements.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff for the amazing performance, the parents for their constant support, and those parents who helped in the sewing of the costumes. Thank you and well done to all 🙂