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Little chefs at work…

The Kinder 2.1 students of Ms Janice prepared a healthy lunch at school with their student KGA, Ms Fiona and supported by their LSA, Ms Marika. The students cut the vegetables and prepared the ingredients for this healthy lunch. The soup was then cooked and later enjoyed by our little chefs.

Let the cooking begin…

The students of Ms Joanne Galea in K1.2 and Ms Josianne Camilleri of K1.3 enjoyed their first cookery lesson for this scholastic year 2014-2015. The students cooked some delicious pizzas. The school smelt wonderful while the pizzas were being cooked. Such are the learning experiences we offer at our school to ensure a holistic education. […]

Cooking a Christmas Pudding

Our year 3 classes joined forces on 28th November 2013 to cook a Christmas pudding. The students, together with their teachers Ms Rosette, Ms Rodianne and Ms Charlene (a student teacher), enjoyed themselves cooking a traditional Christmas pudding. Apart from cooking, this session was a very educational experience during which students learnt about the importance […]