Pink Coconut Cakes

The students of K2.2 (Ms Felicia) and K2.1 (Ms Janice) prepared a simple Valentine’s Day treat. The children prepared the sponge where they had to sieve the flour, add eggs and water. The sponge was baked and left to cool down. Students cut it into small squares poured some melted jelly on the cakes. Finally they sprinkled some coconut flakes in the shape of a heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day… Spread the love 🙂

Cooking Pizza

Students in Year 5.1 cooked a pizza during the last day of the second term. Each student prepared his or her recipe. According to this recipe they brought to school the ingredients and step by step they prepared the pizza. After confirming that the steps in the recipe were in a correct order, they published this recipe on their tablet and sent it by email to their teacher. 

Submitted by Ms Melanie Sultana, Yr 5.1 class teacher.

Cooking and creating collages with Pasta…

The Kindergarten 1 classes joined forces to cook a delicious and healthy meal based on pasta. Tuna fish, sweet corn and olives where added together with olive oil and cheese. The students also enjoyed making their own collages with pasta while having a good time working together as a team.

Submitted by Ms Nagaat Bugeja, Ms Josianne Camilleir and Ms Joanne Galea