Dinja Waħda – Gold Award 2018

The school has achieved another Gold Award in Dinja Waħda projects. Through participation in Dinja Waħda the school aims to educate children to nurture a love for their environment and to learn to respect wild life. Well done to all teachers, kindergarten educators, learning support assistants and students for participating. Special thanks to Ms Rodgers, assistant head, for coordinating all events.

Dinja Waħda Activity at Buskett Gardens

The K2.1 students have been learning about ants and the importance of these minibugs in the ecosystem. After reading a story to the students, Ms Luicienne Vella, prepared field work for students at Buskett Gardens. The weather was not helpful on the day since it was raining. No ants were visible, however the KGE asked her students to make mask of ants and the children pretended to be ants while waiting for transport to take them back to school.

Well done to Ms Lucienne Vella (KGE),Ms Dorianne Micallef (LSE) and Ms Sharon Scicluna (LSE) and their students 🙂

Happy Easter… End of Term Fun Activities

The Year 2.1 students of Ms Stephanie Azzopardi have been busy working during the 2nd term. Above students proudly present their Easter craft. 

Students can be seen having fun during various lessons… Learning plurals and words starting with letters having similar sounds in Maltese (‘p’ and ‘b’); Learning the correct use of the verb ‘has’ or ‘have’; Making 10 (using numicons, the bee-bot, dominoes and matching numbers on fish), together with making 6 using bears and matching numbers and investigating how many letters there are in each month of the year during a maths lesson.

The students prepared a model representing the migration of birds from cold countries to warmer countries. This is an activity related to Dinja Waħda, called ‘Out of Africa’. Students also prepared a special assembly about manners. Below is a short message sending Easter blessings to all.

Dinja Waħda…

The Green Club students, together with Ms Rodgers, assistant head, have been taking care of the school garden. They have planted flowers in the front garden to make the school more welcoming. They have sewn papaya seeds and hopefully we might have papaya trees growing in our school garden. All this work is related to Dinja Waħda projects.

Dinja Waħda – Nuturing love towards nature…

As tradition has it, the school is once again embarking on Dinja Waħda projects. Once again we are aiming for gold… not for the sake of getting a gold award, but to make sure that our students grow into responsible citizens who are aware of the importance of preserving the environment. Above students can be seen preparing decorations for the Dinja Waħda notice board. 

Thanks to Ms Rodgers, Assistant Head, for taking care of this project.

Vanishing Homes…

Bird hunting, deforestation, burning down of forests, farming, the industrial revolution and other factors have a direct impact of the habitat of a number of animals. Trees are homes to birds, snakes, insects and many other creatures. When trees are cut down, the homes of these creatures vanish.

The year 4.1 students were made aware of these issues during another Dinja Waħda activity.